Everything has became worse than before, but with a little hope, long live the Animal Life

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These days everyone seems like teasing me, looking at me as a boy without job or education. Not degree idiot, and I know in this span of time you need a degree to even approved as an Idiot.

Serious fuck !

People are using Infeeds, its good and some are getting helped by flow of users but I don't want that, I want them to stay and share their thoughts on the network with other. I already know a big amount of people is already reading something on internet but why can't they read your story.

Still stucked with marketing shit, I have this term, I have a thing that can help other and I want them to try it, but what's the matter? Oooo...you need some marketing shit thrown on your face. Sorry, but we don't have that and you're leaving us because we don't have a person who can use heavy terms that goes over head, right? Seriously, I'm feeling jobless still by having Infeeds.

AWS allowed me to start my server at any place. Hmmmm....are you going to make it cheaper for me?

Everyone who is making good living and helping people live a better life are becoming my centre of focus now, even I know that people from outside of my own country are going to read this note. That's why I tell my countrymen, please GROW UP !

Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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