Aamir Khan has his own opinion but why killing SnapDeal?

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Its been days, the Intolerance India issue is still catching flames. What I have to say about this? Its my personal opinion, like if I say, I like something or not its my opinion or choice to make but why such big issue?

I got one post on facebook, quoting this:

What wrong did Shahrukh or Aamir say when they tell that there is intolerance. Look, we could not tolerate their opinion. They are so correct. We are so intolerant that we reacted like sodium and water; in social media. When Narayan moorthy spoke about intolerance nobody left job at Infosys.Fear of losing the Bread and butter stopped u ppl to be patriotic. Right? But when Aamir spoke everybody did the most heroic thing by uninstalling Snapdeal. Lashing out on fb, twitter and everywhere. Wow! I am proud of my country where ppl say that they have made Aamir khan. Soon they will say they have made Sachin, Kishore Kumar and everyone else. Plz understand that it is very easy to misunderstand. I am not taking Aamir's side and nor am I his die hard fan. I am just doubtful whether I correctly read in my junior classes that our country gives us the freedom of speech. I believe Aamir shud have told it in a different way or shud not have quoted his Kiran's word but he certainly doesnot deserves the insult which he is facing.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/shayak.chandra/posts/936982456382448

And that's the whole point, when Narayan Moorthy said that Indian becoming Intolerance, their employees, dealers and business partners or new not spoke against him but if someone else says that its burs in some people's back. Please, understand the truth, those who kept their anger for so long are coming out and not just coming out, they are cursing, rightnow its from mouths but soon it can be in their actions.

These factless people who don't know anything about anything, use their cheap grammar to curse people, that's what they do all day long on social networks. Today I was looking into some SnapDeal news, as we know, its trending rightnow and people are un-installing it on large scale and soon it will increase (I don't want to hurt SnapDeal, but we all know the truth of these senseless people). But I don't know why SnapDeal? Because Aamir said something that some people didn't understood? But still, how SnapDeal? Its just a company you idiots, that sells you pretty good things, its an innovation that changed the way you do things.

Some people posted I'm returning the item I bought, some rated snapdeal low, some commented baseless facts and recommended to remove Aamir from their Brand Ambassadorship. But why snapdeal guys or why aamir, why not moorthy?

I know this is going to hurt some people but truth is to be told, Its because Aamir is a muslim, because Shahrukh is a muslim, and people will hate me too for standing by their side because I am a muslim. We need to change this if we need a united country.

Please, stand up to be together not to separate. Why boycott from something in the name of religion that you know helps you someway. I'm going to get any money from SnapDeal but its a good company after all or better just a company.

And to those who stood against an Artist, please go and watch his whole interview. And take my opinion, you don't make people like Aamir, Sachin or Gandhi, trust me, they make you. And yes, I love to say that, Keep it!

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