A notice to all Infeeds users, regarding topics deprecation and directories introduction

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Hello Everyone here, I don't know how many people are going to read this notice but Its my duty to do so.

Infeeds Topics are soon to be deprecated and sorry for this sudden decision but it is for good. From after 7th October, 2015 All topics will be converted to directories and many will be deleted without any kind of notice but feeds will be stand still.

But to do if many topics deleted and what is the new directory mechanism?
Directories are similar to topics are more specific to a single thing or idea for a particular set of people or community around the world. The directories are more flexible and customizable, even you can change the look and feel or the directory to the genre of community you are creating.
Second, directories are not created on the fly like topics anymore, to share to any directory you have to start the directory first, invite your friends and family members to join you and increase people reach.
Third, you can think that directories are specific and will reach only by people who have joined it but its not true, feeds will still be served like rightnow, no data will be flushed accept directories.
Fourth, directories are more stable than you think of topics, no more #tags but /d/directories.
Fifth, All directory documentation and customizations will be updating from time of release till next version so don't worry about how to, we're always here to help you out.
Sixth, Directories are too available in external plugins and you can plug your directory to your webpage/blog with a simple code provided by Infeeds Plugins, and too easy to customize for you websites.
Seventh, most important is that directories are now have a rules tab which is required for every directory and inappropriate set of rules or about can cause to closure of directory and sharing stats will be public and visible to everyone.

Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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