FeedBlog P4: Everyone Can Become a Winner, Maybe you're the Next Google or Microsoft (A Note Where I've gone off-track Many Times like Always)

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Yes I do believe that anyone can make it happen and everyone will sometime. Maybe at the Starting, the Mid or at the End. But Will forsure !

I always thought that one will rise if one falls and was totally ready to defeat anybody on this planet but I was totally wrong and found that out how and why everyone will become winner and will be if see everything with others eyes. I'm not a Pope type thing, sometimes you make yourself winner by making others the winner and everyone believes in the winning of both persons.

I know this note is getting too much boring but that's what I wanted to share so can't do anything with it.

Facebook, Twitter and new rising applications are kind of Infeeds opposite but theres nothing like that :) I want to use Jumpbook, Hike, AskMe(bullsh*t) or any other worst website or application ever existed on this earth. And I'll love to use them, if you're laughing, please don't atleast I'm thinking about them. How people can use them equally? (its pretty impossible) yes but, people should not follow others use what you feel more reliable and easy for you not for others atleast give a single chance to others. Maybe that can help startups grow and make a better network on your requirements. Just think, when a community is small it thinks about every single person but when it becomes large it thinks for the community not single people.

Like Facebook or Google who started for few people and worked on their thoughts but it was the time when everything was just getting started and now every single person who uses internet, has its own page, blog or even website online. Here, in #India people say, "Bhai, website to paan wale ki bhi hai tune kya kiya hai?". Really no appretiation for websites. I want to throw my CPU on their heads, what they know about Development and easily swear new applications that they're nothing, they don't have this and that. Hah, even I'm getting sick of Hike like messengers message from people using it, "Hey I'm using Hike, it FREE.....blah blah FREE". What?? Dude, even the Linux Kernel is free but very few people dare to use it, make things easy will reach more people (in the beginning).

Well, I always go off track.....so we are talking about growing and everyone can win, only if people would use your application as their's, I feel so weird when people say, "Hey, I'm on Infeeds, now what?". What ?? What you want me to say, just go and use it, "But what to do on this site?", Shit I forgot to remove that sign board from front page, "Only new Internet users allowed".... I'm not saying Stupid anyone but, why you ask people these questions? Have you asked Larry, hey dude how to use Google+, Blogger, Android, YouTube or tons of your other websites?? Then why startups?

Only a single way to make everyone win is to go together by helping each other. So start helping and start growing.

What I want to be is not an important thing to follow what he've done and doing is everything that matters, and you should believe in your work too don't cry for getting only few users, you can be the next Generation Internet Developer.


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