4 years ago (2014-06-25 22:01:35)

Advertisements will be Core Deleted soon from Infeeds

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I've decided to remove all Advertisement Links from Infeeds because its not made for that. Or if I'll change my mind further then they'll be removed from Everything and Spotight areas and just available on the Topics if people here who are making Infeeds a marketplace not understand this.

I want you guys collaboration not ads, lets make a better network use some other ways to ad. please, don't use this place as mess. We all want it clean and make things easy to available to people. Well, its all about this week, onwards Infeeds will make some changes in its Algorithms and flush all adverts. While enjoy and try to share what needs to be in Spotlight make your feeds not look like ads, not dull, not so sticky and not so cheap like you are writing your first text. Every single help is available and if you guys still have any problem just message me here.

I know I'm a bit messy and say good bye thousand times in my notes and don't leave. Okay, this time... Have a Nice Day !!

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totally agree you, I really hate nasty things !!
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good one !!
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