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Google Shows Off Search Results by reading users mind and faking them

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Google, the first place you remember when someone asks you a question and when you hit search button, BOOM !! Google shows you "Page 1 of about 76,50,00,000 results (0.85 seconds)", actually that's not what Google says. Google plays a little trick with users by showing off fake results that actually not existed ever !!

Maybe they claim that all of the other results are removed or some other buff but they do make fools :P. Sorry Google, so the question is how I found that out, few days ago I was searching about Infeeds backlinks and googled youtube.com and again Google does that BAMM thing and came up with about 6,64,00,00,000 results (0.89 seconds) wow, that means almost every website has a result with youtube.com, let's have the screen shot of 1st Page:

6,64,00,00,000 results mean (6,64,00,00,000/10) 66,40,00,000 pages right ? As Google fetches 10 results per page. But when I was in happiness to check my backlink, reached Result's Page 18 and guess what Google revealed it dirty trick, actually there was only 177 results, here's the page 18 of youtube.com search:

SEE ?? You can try it by yourself but remember, Google brain is much smarter, maybe this time it will end up on Page 28 or Page 50 but not fetches results as it says.

I'm a Google Lover too, as the firsr website I opened was the Google.com and happy to be its user, Its totally not about faking Google, its about how Google brain works and shows you what you want.

What is the benifit of this to Google?

Why do anyone would ask that? Its clear when you see the first line that says there are billions of results available for you to find what you want because Google is more than a Human Brain in Searching things over internet, Google knows almost users pick their results from first page and very few go further to 3-5 pages as more as I think.

Do these results are fake?

Showing you a billion result label is truly fake but its so true that Google has those results inside. Confused? Its good if you aren't but if you are thinking about that. So listen, all of the results that google shows is inside its Database, it says I have billions of stuffs inside me, just search for right keyword.

What will be Googlers reaction to this note?

Maybe some of biggest Googlers may say I'm doing it fake and Google not does that, so you must try it first and then blame me. Boooo, I'm right, some time it seems like Google is watching you and even when you search for youtube.com or some other keywords it may end you up with 100th Page or maybe at the 10th but it does, Google not Goes to million Pages, so please be calm if you are doing that !!

Thank you Google if you send this user to this note and if not you are really faking page, but we still LOVE YOU !!

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