3 years ago (2015-10-12 22:55:23)

Flipkart Big Billion Day 1: Before Launch

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I've never attended any BBD before, but I think its going to be nice if people not act like hungry people at marriages. Well, no rates are confirmed yet and Day 1 is for Clothes, maybe I get a chance to but some baniyan and body deodorant, that's all I need for living.

First you must know what happened last time, I was at Barber's and waiting for my chance, it was around 10am. I knew that Big Billion Day is someday but didn't remember suddenly a gentleman just left the panchaiyti newspaper alone and I got that lucky chance to pass my time with something. It was actually trashed and few papers were missing and If I'm not wrong it was Amar Ujala, after sorting the paper I started reading and after some pages, I found a complete page on BBD and saw the prices, Rs.500 Hard-Disk, Rs.2 Pendrive, cheap smartphones and more, and I'm done. It was more than 10am and I don't know when is was started.

And luckily, the Barber's Queue was finished and it was my chance to sit on that golden chair and I had to decide what to choose, so I chose the Barber's chair sleep instead of sale. I too heard many people complaining that flipkart removed content from their carts and even that things disappeared, that was really heart warming.

But, I've prepared this time but want same things as before they did, and one more thing from some sources, I think sale can start in mid-night (yes, 12am). Well, next time If, I'm going to write anything about this journey, this will be either very nice or very bad.

Enjoy the Shopping !!
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