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Gambler Characters in Fantasy Fiction

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The beauty of fiction lies in its ability to bring anything to life. Anything including the world of gambling. You would find that many of these characters have been specially developed to appeal to the hearts and minds of many gamblers, making them relatable to the gamers.

These characters have honed their game and earned themselves a place in the gambling wall of fame, inspiring many gamblers to be like them. This positively influences their playing. Find more information on the Spin Palace Casino review.

Examples of Gambling Characters

Roulette of DC comics

This super villain is named after the popular game, Roulette. She owns a casino where she captures heroes and pits them against each other, while other villains watch and bet on a winner. This makes her a pretty cold-hearted villain. Pitting heroes against each other is not her only superpower. She is also quite handy with cards. She has an alter ego called Veronica Sinclair. Her debut was on Justice Society of America in 2001.
Smokescreen of The Transformers

Smokescreen is a second-year Autobot car in the transformer series. He is well known for his great gambling skills. His debut was on the 14th issue of the Marvel Transformers comic. His powerful gambling history places him in Dinobot Island Pt 1, where he made several appearances in the season 2. He starred in the Episode called the Gambler. There he was given the opportunity to showcase his talent.

Gambling is not left out in the world of fiction. It is easy to find many of such characters who will definitely bring a new meaning to the word gambling. At the end of it all, gamers are most likely to go for stories that feature a little gambling.
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