Tom Cruise, Jerry planning 'Top Gun' sequel

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Filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer plans a sequel to his 1986 cult classic 'Top Gun' with Tom Cruise reprising his most famous role as LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that he is planning to make a sequel of 'Top Gun' and Tom Cruise will reprise his most famous role as Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

Speaking at the Produced By Conference, 'The Lone Ranger' producer admitted that he's not short of people willing to participate in the second part of the 1986 drama and Cruise is on the top of the list, the Daily Express reported.

He further said that they have been trying to make a sequel for last the 30 years and insisted that they are not going to stop. Bruckheimer explained that he wants to do it with Cruise and Paramount, who are also still interested in making it. He also said that the 50-year-old actor has told him that he is always referred as Maverick, wherever he goes in the world.

He added that the 'Oblivion' star is enthusiastic about it and is hopeful that they would make it.

Top Gun, also starring Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis, was the most successful film of 1986.

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