Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders

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Here at Total Pro Sports we've done lots of lists about celebrities, and lots of lists about cheerleaders. But you what we haven't done? A list that combines the two. So today I decided it's time to do a list of celebrities who were cheerleaders.

Some of the women on the list will make you think, "ah, yes, of course she was a cheerleader." Others? Yeah, they'll surprise you. But one thing you will not find on this list is men. Sure, there are famous male celebrities who were cheerleaders and like Steve Martin and George W. Bush" but I have a feeling nobody really cares.

So are you ready to see with female celebrities used to shake their pompoms and do high leg kicks? Okay, great, let's get started.


25. Snooki


I don't know what it is but, side by side, I find these two photos of Nicole Polizzi to be absolutely hilarious. Can you believe this tiny nut-job is a celebrity? These are indeed crazy times.


24. Diane Sawyer


Today she's a respected journalist, but back in the day Diane Sawyer was a cheerleader. Of course, back then cheerleaders were a little more modestly dressed, so it doesn't seem that out of character.


23. Katie Couric


Speaking of journalists who used to be cheerleaders, how about America's sweetheart Katie Couric? No, that Y isn't for Yale. Couric went to another very good school, the University of Virginia.


22. Amy Poehler


I bet Amy Poehler was probably the funniest cheerleader on the squad.


21. Madonna


Even in high school Madonna was smug. Look at the two girls holding her and they have huge smiles. Madonna? Nope. Just a wry grin.


20. Rachel Ray


It's definitely no surprise that someone as bubbly and outgoing as Rachel Ray was a cheerleader in high school, is it?


19. Meryl Streep


Even in high school Meryl Streep was practicing for her Academy Award-winning acting career. Doesn't it look like she's carrying that megaphone like a trophy?


18. Jayma Mays


Ironically, given the role she plays on Glee, constantly doing battle with cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, Jayma Mays was a cheerleader herself in high school.


17. Kirstie Alley


Don't let her yo-yo dieting these days fool you: back in the day, Kirstie Alley was a stone cold fox though, not when she was a cheerleader apparently. What's with that hairdo?


16. Alicia Silverstone


Before she was in Aerosmith videos and feature films, Alicia Silverstone was just a regular high school cheerleader in San Francisco.


15. Kirsten Dunst


It seemed like Kirsten Dunst went directly from child star (remember Interview with a Vampire?) to regular grown-up movie star (hello, Mary Jane). So I don't know when she found the time to attend a regular middle school, but she did and she was a cheerleader. Then she also attended a regular high school and, interestingly, the first movie she made after graduating was about cheerleaders (Bring it On). Funny how that works.


14. Paula Abdul


Paula Abdul wasn't just a cheerleader in high school. She got her start at a dancer as one of the world famous Laker Girls.


13. Cameron Diaz


I've never been a big fan of Cameron Diaz, but I must say she was pretty cute in high school. I totally would have dated her. (Though, obviously, she wouldn't have dated me.)


12. Kelly Ripa


Here's another one that is no surprise. Kelly Ripa just seems like she'd make a natural cheerleader. That must make her new morning show co-host "Michael Strahan" feel right at home on the set.


11. Fergie


Fergie wears a ton of makeup and hides behind some really ridiculous outfits, but she's actually got an all-American sweetheart kind of look. Again, back in high school, I totally would have dated her.


10. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock's entire career is based on her cuteness. As you can see here, it's not a characteristic she just developed over night.


9. Denise Richards


Sure she's gorgeous, then and now. But you have to remember: this woman was married to Charlie Sheen. That's called a red flag


8. Lindsay Lohan


Like the other child star on this list (Kirstin Dunst), I find myself wondering when Lindsay Lohan found the time to attend a normal high school. She did, however Sanford H. Calhoun High School, Merrick, New York.


7. Eva Longoria


I'm a big Eva Longoria fan, but what's up with her face here? Was she halfway through putting on clown makeup when someone was like, "hey gurrll, yearbook photo time!!!"


6. Jessica Simpson


No, I'm not just counting all the Dallas Cowboys games she attended while dating Tony Romo. Jessica Simpson was an actual cheerleader back in high school.


5. Jennifer Lawrence


Now, you want to talk about someone blossoming later in life? Just take a look at Jennifer Lawrence. In the photo on the left, she's the average-looking one in the top left corner. And in the photo on the right? Absolutely smoking hot.


4. Olivia Munn


Everyone on the internet says the photo on the left is of Olivia Munn. Personally, I can't tell. But hey, the internets is never wrong, right?


3. Brooklyn Decker


Funny: Brooklyn Decker was a cheerleader in high school. Then she married a pro athlete (Andy Roddick). Coincidence?


2. Halle Berry


It looks like Halle Berry had some real team spirit back in high school. I'd make that same joke about how I totally would have dated her when I was in high school, but she's so gorgeous that I feel like I would be insulting cosmic forces beyond my control to even kid about it.


1. Megan Fox


Megan Fox: so gorgeous, and yet married to Brian Austin Green from 90210.

Anyway, she takes the top spot because she was almost as hot when she was a cheerleader as she is today. And that's rare.

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