Country Stars Without Makeup and Still Beautiful

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Some of the most beautiful singers in country music have revealed that they're still plenty beautiful when the makeup is wiped away. Photos of singers like Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire and Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles before and after a MAC attack are shocking, but not in the way many would expect.

Pictures of country stars without makeup have been appearing with astonishing frequency lately. A few of the women scrapped the eye liner, lipstick and blush for magazine shoots, while at least two others gave fans a glimpse of their natural beauty without prompting. Tabloids might feed on capturing celebs without makeup, but with these ladies, we say let them.

See the Country Star Without Makeup

Taylor Swift Without Makeup-

Taylor Swift is one of two country celebs to have done a photoshoot without makeup for People Magazine. A Google search will turn up a few other photos of the ‘Begin Again’ singer looking her most natural. Swift's golden-blonde hair stands out more when she appears wearing only the face she was born with, and more than a few fans think she's more beautiful this way.


Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Without Makeup

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott isn't afraid to face the camera before putting her makeup on. When the band created a behind the scenes video for their holiday-themed "Holly Jolly Christmas" video, Scott revealed her natural beauty to country music fans. The singer has great skin and looks refreshed, even though the coffee cup suggests it's earlier in the morning than she's used to.


Miranda Lambert Without Makeup

Miranda Lambert is rarely seen without a little eyeliner or blush, but emotions were running high when this makeup-less photo was taken. Her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, had just proposed marriage deep in the woods of Oklahoma. Lambert says she was dressed in camouflage and didn't have a streak of makeup on when he dropped to a knee to ask her to be his bride. For this country couple, the setting was perfect. Lambert and Shelton married in May 2011.


Julianne Hough Without Makeup

Julianne Hough lamented wearing so much makeup during her seasons on "Dancing With the Stars" and even earlier as she tried to keep up with her older sisters. During her makeup-less photoshoot with People, she explained that she looks younger today than she did at age 15. She's also talked about how she enjoys looking sexy in boundary-pushing outfits. This image may be a rare sight.


Reba McEntire Without Makeup

Anyone who's gotten a chance to meet Reba McEntire will agree that she is as beautiful close up as she is on stage or television. Without makeup, her skin still looks healthy, and her wonderful blue eyes radiate warmth. McEntire is the oldest star featured in this list of stars without makeup, but you'd never guess it if you didn't know she's been singing for over 30 years.


Hayden Panettiere Without Makeup

"Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere isn't afraid to snap a picture of herself without makeup, and really, why should she be? The actress and "Telescope" singer has flawless skin that any woman would envy. She is a natural beauty who really doesn't need much help to appear on the covers of popular magazines or TV every Wednesday night. Panettiere shared this picture of herself without makeup with her followers on Twitter.


Kelly Clarkson Without Makeup

Much like her music, Kelly Clarkson's look has relied more on natural beauty in recent months. The singer stepped out with boyfriend Brandon Blackstock earlier this year wearing only a pretty smile on her sweet Texas face. Clarkson is known to still glam up for award shows and for concerts, but this makeup-less picture is a reminder that she doesn't need to.


Sara Evans Without Makeup

Sara Evans posted this picture of herself sans-foundation on Facebook and received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and followers. Like many of these pictures of country stars without makeup, Evans' natural beauty shines from within. Of course, it helps that her smile is as pretty as the sky is blue.


Jana Kramer Without Makeup

This photo of actress and "Why Ya Wanna" singer Jana Kramer comes from a video posted by her one-time husband, actor Johnathon Schaech, on Facebook. He filmed his proposal to Kramer in December 2009, and they were married in July 2010. The union didn't last, but this picture showing Kramer's natural beauty even in a state of shock and awe remains as evidence that Brantley Gilbert is a very, very lucky man in 2013.


Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Without Makeup

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles went without makeup (or at least with minimal makeup) in the video for Sugarland's "Stay", but here you see her totally natural as she hides tickets at a Walmart outside of Green Bay, Wisc. In the music video, her vulnerable appearance aided a bare-bones treatment from the director. It was alarming to see her so shaken in the clip, even shedding tears. Nettles was perhaps the first recent star to appear without makeup in a very public way.


Steel Magnolias Meghan Linsey Without Makeup

Meghan Linsey of Steel Magnolia posted this photo of herself without makeup on Twitter. The gorgeous singer has one of the more unique looks when she walks the red carpet with bandmate Joshua Scott Jones together, they play up the tension that makes their music so interesting. At home, Linsey is just the girl next door with her hair tossed and a clear face. Who's cuter, Linsey or the dog? It's a tough call.

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