Enjoy the forest wealth of Kerala

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Kerala has dense evergreen forest and has abundant forest wealth. The sahya ranges of the Western Ghats are home to variety of flora and fauna. These hills offer variety of trekking trails that are adventurous and fun at the same time. Make it a point to venture out into these misty forests in your exciting best Kerala honeymoon packages if you want to spend some quiet moments with Mother Nature. Inhale in the fresh air and take a dip in the fresh water streams and rivers as you sneak through the thickets of the jungles. The districts of Idukki, Wayanad and Palakkad are blessed with thick forest area that is kept safe and sound by the forest department. The forest officials occasionally conduct tours into the deep jungle areas to maintain the number of wild life species to a good extent so as to curb the poaching and other anti social activities. When you go for a trekking or river rafting experience remember to start early so that you can return before sun down. You may be fortunate to catch a glimpse of the tribal people in the innermost regions of the forest and can strike a conversation with them and find out the way of living of those people.

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