New Microsoft Graph APIs for robotizing group lifecycles

Published on 2019-03-16 15:03:31
1 min read
Back in November, we proclaimed the general openness of the Microsoft Graph APIs for Microsoft Teams, empowering our customers to all the almost certain sort out gatherings and channels, motorize Teams lifecycles, and make pre-stacked, characteristic experiences for your customers.

Since that affirmation, we've been watchfully including additional features for robotizing bunch lifecycles. We expected to recap a bit of the new features: McAfee Virtual Technician recognizes and settles numerous item issues on your PC.  On the off chance that MVT can't resolve the issue, the information gathered can be utilized by your help professional to comprehend the issue.

New sorts of gatherings (see) – We've exhibited seven new sorts of gatherings you can make through Microsoft Graph, including three sorts for preparing, two for retail, and two for human administrations.

Acquainting applications with gatherings using application approvals (survey) – We starting at now reinforce acquainting applications with gatherings with customer selected assents; we're cheery to proclaim that presenting applications using application assents is directly open in observe. Application assents are an inconceivable strategy to present or refresh an application over all gatherings in an inhabitant, and to make new gatherings with no readiness that consolidate applications.

New sorts of tabs – Microsoft Graph empowers you to add tabs to channels. We've starting late enabled structuring five new sorts of tabs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and report libraries.

Better ways to deal with send messages:

Offering an explanation to channel messages and sending channel messages with subjects and @mentions (survey) – We have a superior than at any other time API for sending channel messages that incorporates new features like answers, features, and @mentions. The new API is furthermore agreed with the API to scrutinize channel messages.