Monster Truck Culture and Its Followers at BestRoboFest, Initiated by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov

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BestRoboFest by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov
The culture of the monster truck has been written indelibly in the heart of the followers. It involves a set or people that get particularly inspired by the sight of large wheelbarrows and deadly cars and steeps. The big stages in the world are filled with the cars, trucks and other types of vehicles. Excited fans are seen in the large arenas across the globe as they roar in excitement at the sight of the insane crushing of cars and the monstrous sound of the engines.

The Origin

The organized ‘Monster Truck’ culture was first noticed in the 1970’s. It started with the remodeling of stock pickups to equip them with large tires and suspensions that were double the size of their normal tires. The Mad Max dystopian thriller that came out from Australia fueled the dieselpunk genre, and this is how we received the Interceptor”, which was the first monster car ever.

But it was in 1981 that the first official monster truck was produced. This was first driven by the American named Bob Chandler, and the name of the first car was Bigfoot. He recorded a scene where he was driving this over some cars in an arena with the intention of getting people to order for the parts of his truck. However, people advised him to organize a paid show for people to come and watch the truck. He did this and recorded a huge success, with people trooping to see the ‘bigfoot’.

Current State of Monster Trucks

This show is now replicated all over the world, though with different names. It is known as Monster Events in Australia, Monster Truck show in the UK and the Monster Jam in Canada, the US and the Netherlands. Races, daredevils, and stunts are involved in the big events.

This show entertains people, but it also has a lot of dangers too. Because of this, general safety measures have been listed by the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA) for all trucks. It involves the use of fire extinguishers in all cars and that every driver must wear a 5-point seat harness, neck braces, and a helmet. This is because, in past shows, we’ve witnessed the crushing of cars, houses, and buses.

The Future Of This Culture

The culture is advancing day by day. For instance, trending The Mad Max movie made a great impact on the monster cars development. Its themed examples of vehicles are being replicated by different custom mechanics across the word.

Ukraine is not left out of this. One of the most popular robotics festival in Ukraine - BestRoboFest, held by Max Polyakov's Assosiation Noosphere, included a special expo zone with many monster car creations. The expo was called MonsterCarsUA 2017 and included exhibits of more than 17 young custom engineers from Lviv, Kharkov, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine.

The event was filled with peculiar trucks, cars, jeeps, and motorcycles. Many of the viewers and judges were taken aback by what was presented. The event was hosted by Association Noosphere, founded by managing partner of Noosphere Ventures Max Polyakov, and implied a special reward for the winners of vehicle design contest to motivate them to come with new designs next year.
Event BestRoboFest by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov said that it is his joy to see that the number of people who took part in the event this year has doubled off the number of the last time. According to the Noosphere Ventures managing partner, the young engineers who presented their trucks at the event will be the people who would shape the industry of Ukraine in the future.

Monster Cars events are getting bigger every year. If you have any invention or self-made vehicle design, bring it on and show it to the public at the nearest event to you. Everyone needs adrenaline, taste, sound and real power in their lives.
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