A Short Story of Karthik Sawhney, IIT and all Students with disabilities and Dreams

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In India, blind students were not given an opportunity to learn science and maths once they complete their 8th standard. They were forced to take other subjects like arts, literature or music.

But Karthik Sawhney had different plans in his mind. He was so much passionate about studying science and maths. So, he decided to face the officials with the help of his parents, relatives and an NGO campaign. Eventually, the CBSE board had to give up. They showed the green signal and Karthik appeared for his CBSE Board exams.

Guess what, he took the whole world by surprise by scoring 96%.

He lost the first battle. However his fight was similar to the spider who eventually built his web in the 8th attempt.

Karthik Sawhney dreamed of becoming a software developer and his vision was to build software application which can be accessed by people with different disabilities. What a stunning vision?

Its a shame on IIT and India that we were not able to let this boy continue his higher education. We denied an opportunity for him to try his potential, alongside the bright brains of physically able students at our IIT’s.

This is where we need to salute the likes of Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Oxford. Stanford was one step ahead by welcoming Karthik to do his Engineering degree at their campus.
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