Main things you should know about PrivateWriting before order papers from them

0 0 250 reads was established in 2005 (as suggested by the copyright). Although its copyright hasn’t been renewed for 2018, for some reason or another, the service is still active.

I know for a fact that a student won’t place an order with a certain company unless he/she’s got strong proof that the company in question is reliable. There’s no better way of making sure that a service is genuine than reading a review, or multiple ones, for that matter.

In the following, we’ll take a look at and what it offers, so that you’ll be able to make an informed decision. The following is my rating of PrivateWriting company.


Private Writing Services deals with writing a large variety of academic assignments, from articles, essays, and coursework to more complex ones like dissertations and theses. It also offers web content and ghostwriting services (although this last feature can’t be found in the order form). doesn’t shy away from the fact that it has both ESL and native English speaking writers on its payroll. It is mentioned that the vast majority of its employees hold MBA degrees and a couple of them are Ph.D.

After placing an order, I’ve discovered that it was written by an ESL writer since it was full of grammatical errors and compositional inconsistencies that no native English speaking writer could ever make.

This seems to be a general issue, as many previous customers emphasized that the quality of the papers leaves a great deal to be desired.

PrivateWriting Pricing

The prices of this service fall in the average of the paper writing industry. They start at $11.49 per page and go all the way up to $25.60 (for the Ph.D. level). However, because the quality of the papers is disastrous, even these tiny figures can be construed as overpaying.

As usual, I looked high and low for discounts and coupon codes. While I was unable to find one coupon code or promo code, I found out that there’s one discount. According to that, the more money you spend with this service, the lower the prices will be in the future. Not many students stuck around long enough to accumulate a however decent discount, though. No one can blame them, of course.


Customer Reviews

I can’t be the only one that starts grinding his teeth upon seeing that a service has written testimonials for itself. I can’t be the only one that thinks that these couldn’t even fool a child, either.

The feedback on the website is clearly made up because it is not in line with the real quality of the papers. Once again, I went on other sites and looked for real pieces of rating.

As expected, these are awful. The biggest issues of this service are the inability of the writers to respect the deadlines and their poor control over the English language. In many cases, the papers the students received were almost unusable and no revisions could alleviate the damage that had been done.

These are all clear signs that you should stay away from this website, lest you destroy your money for nothing.


Customer Support

The CS department can be contacted either by e-mail, phone or live chat. Regardless of what method you’re using, it’s less likely that you’ll actually be able to talk to somebody. Customer Support is unresponsive for the most part.

When you’re lucky enough to get ahold of an operator, you’ll be thrown instantly in a sea of details, of which only 50% or less makes a shred of sense. The service, therefore, has too many issues that need to be resolved. Until then, it goes without saying that I can’t endorse it.

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