How To Fix Canon MX922 Error Code B200?

Published on 2020-07-07 14:30:21
2 min read

Reason For Canon MX922 Error Code B200

The Canon MX922 Error Code B200 bug is among the substantial problems faced by most Canon printer consumers. This error usually occurs due to faulty and uncertain print heads. The print head is an element of the Canon printer that actually transports black or coloured ink on a page. It is crucial to remove this issue immediately, otherwise you will not be allowed to publish only one page from the printer. So for an easy printing experience, take a look at all the newer and simpler troubleshooting steps.

Restart your printer instantly

The print head may not be positioned correctly at the required location. This Canon problem is occasionally easily solved by resetting your own printer. Disconnect all cables and wait 30 minutes.

Remove any obstacles foundĀ 

It may happen that due to any obstruction, your printer cannot connect to the print head. After opening the top cover, remove all the capsules, and then lift the printhead latch. Now gently grasp the print head. Evaluate the interior regions surrounded by the print head correctly. If any newspaper or obstacle can be discovered, please remove it immediately to fix Canon B200 error.

Clean the printhead

Also, when you have not washed the print head for a long time, clean it immediately. Raise the print head on the printer to begin the cleaning procedure. Now immerse a cool, lint-free cloth in the warm water. Using the fabric removes any outdated ink from the print head. Then have a disposable container, then put a paper towel inside and pour the warm water until the paper towel is fully submerged. Now place the print head in the container to clean the nozzles. Take the print head into the container and place it on a new paper towel. Rub the print head for almost 10 minutes.

Replace the ink cartridges with a new one

If the cartridges you are using are no longer working then in addition the Canon B200 error will be displayed on your screen. Therefore, it is mandatory to remove the damaged capsules for a clear and error-free impression. Therefore, please have a new cartridge that is suitable for your Canon printer version. You can refer to this manual that came with your printer to confirm the cartridge.

Re-install the printer driver

In the event that the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve the Canon B200 error then it could be a problem with the installed printer driver. Therefore, please reinstall the app by going to the official Canon site.