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How to make money in "GTA 5"

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There's so much to do in the new open-world Grand Theft Auto V. There is more of everything & more vehicles, more weapons, more missions, and even the map is several times bigger than Grand Theft Auto IV. Let's face it - you are going to need more money in this game then you did in previous Grand Theft Auto entries. Luckily, Grand Theft Auto V offers players dozens of ways to make money, and many of them are new to series. Check out some of the best, most surefire ways to get rich below.



Hijack a Security Van

Like other GTA games, there are side missions you can complete. To earn a little extra money through side missions in GTA V, find a security van. These vans are full of cash. Run them off the road or take out the unsuspecting driver and enjoy the bounty inside.


Search for Collectibles

Grand Theft Auto V features collectibles, similar to the other entries in the series. Find these hidden packages to earn bonuses. You can even bring along Franklin's Rottweiler, Chop, with you to sniff out these items.


Rob a Store

In GTA V, you can rob a store, such as a convenience store or jewelry store. Take all the money from the cash register and make a quick getaway in order to escape the cops and hold on to the cash.


Buy Businesses

Similar to the Saint's Row series, this game will allow players to buy various properties all across Los Santos. These could be businesses, houses, or even a warehouse. These properties will earn the player money over time, earning you passive income.


Rob Random People

Need some quick cash? Hang around one of the many ATMs in the city and wait for an unsuspecting person to come along and make a withdrawal. Then you can rob them and make off with their money.


Win a Race

Street racing is back in GTA V. Sea races will also be available. Get the perfect vehicle and win the race to reap the rewards.


Invest In Stocks

Believe it or not, a great way to earn money in GTA V is by investing in the right stocks. The two stock exchanges, LCN and BAWSAQ, are available on your in-game mobile phone so you can constantly check them to make good financial decisions.


Find Stolen Goods

Other crimes will take place in Los Santos. If you hear a police siren and you aren't wanted, follow them and see what's going on. Sometimes, a robbery will be taking place. Taking out the robber will give you a wallet, which you can keep yourself (and all the money inside) or return for a reward.


Rob a Bank

Feeling lucky? Participate in a heist. This is risky, but it has the potential for huge payouts. Before you try to take on a bank, ensure you've got weapons, body armor, and a fast getaway vehicle.


Find Random Events

Like Grand Theft Auto IV, players will occasionally find random question marks on their map, indicating a random event. These little side quests may involve escorting a stranger, tracking down a criminal, or even stealing a vehicle. Whatever the task is, the reward is always good.

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