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Unknown Facts About ISO Certification In Philippines Revealed

Published 7 months ago
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ISO certification in Philippines is a management tool which helps the organization to manage the things.  The international organization for standardization has published more than 22000 plus of standard depending upon the operations process and scope due to which the specifications of requirements has emerged. The international organization for standardization is one of the best and useful tool which has the organization to be more effective productive and efficient.  These requirements for documents are set up by the technical committee around the world by understanding the operations process of the organization so that when the standard is implemented in the organization there would be satisfying their needs and expectations.  More than 163 countries have signed up for being a member of ISO because they believed that these requirements would help their organization employees and also the country to grow and improve in all aspects so that the per capita income of all the organizations for the country would be increased and also them can get a positive image around the world.  Is international standards established or published by the international organization for standardization to achieve safer and Healthcare working condition so that the better outcomes can be obtained.

 Organization for standardization has published more than 22000 plus of standards depending upon the process and operation few are generic which can be applied to any organization which is seeking for quality environmental performances and health and safety of the employees because these standards can be applied to any organizations as we know every organization would be having all these qualities.

 Coming to industry specific standard there are many Industries Pacific Standard when it comes to medical labs for food Industries now let us know more about the 17025 which specifies the general requirements for the competency of testing and calibration of Laboratories.

 Along with the International electro technical Commission, the international organization for standardization has made a correlation in order to create a global standardization this is standard was established to meet all the requirements charger testing and calibration of Laboratories can be recognized internationally. The Aim of establishing this ISO 17025 Certification in Philippines standard is to gain quality and other improving processes within the Laboratories and the standard is mainly designed to achieve their requirements needs and Expectations of Laboratories.

 17025 standard works mainly on two clauses one is management requirements and the other is quality management system.  In case of a management requirements all the performances related to the operations would be included in this and whatever the requirements that are required to improve can be added to this management requirement section.  The efficiency of a quality management system within the Laboratories helps to check out the effectiveness of the operations or any kind of products so that the process can be carried out easily.  Along with this it also helps to prepare the technical requirement which mainly focuses on the employee’s competencies to testing’s, equipments and other calibration and testing results.




 Benefits of ISO 17025 standard

  • If you are getting certified by ISO 17025 standard you can have all these qualities which are listed below
  • It helps to build a good reputation for your organization seeking that the laboratory is a following a good practices that is set up by the International standard
  • It helps to gain more business connections by creating new opportunities.
  • It has to gain competitive advantages over your competitors.
  • It helps to increase the productivity and effectiveness in the laboratory.
  • It helps to gain contracts related to calibration and testing.
  • It also provides an efficient and reliable lab testing and results.
  • These things it also helps to increase the reliability of the customers and other interested parties.


 In order to achieve all these advantages to first you have to choose a Consulting body that is well aware of the standard requirements.  Factocert is one of the Consulting bodies which have a worldwide recognition for implementing, consulting, doing third party audit services and certification of International standard certification.  It is the responsibility of the top management to choose a better Consulting body ISO Certification in Philippines that have well experienced expertise and certified much organization without any problems.  We always work for the satisfaction of customers and make sure that their requirements are as per their clients are in interested parties requirements by providing them a one stop solution for the problems what they are facing.

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