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Improve My Network

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I've laid out my current topology of my home network, which is a mix of ethernet and wifi based connections. My wifi and DHCP duties are all handled by my Amplifi Mesh Router, which also has QoS setup to give priority to my streaming and gaming devices. However, the QoS feature does not work on Amplifi's LAN ports, so I purchased a few smart switches that have QoS features built-in (though I haven't configured that yet). This setup so far as vastly improved my streaming performance, and overall Wifi performance has stopped being so flaky (drop-outs, latency problems, throughput issues, etc.). However, my PS4 is still exhibits significant lag during COD WWII multi-player battles. So I put it back on ethernet, hoping that the switch might do a better job of QoS on it.

My three primary questions are these:

1) Is this overall the best topology for my network? There are so many different ways I could place the switches and the router if kind of makes my head spin so I wanted to see other people's approaches to building optimal networks.

2) What's the best way to reduce lag on the PS4?

3) Will turning on QoS on the switches work if I have them connected to each other?

4) My NAS is mostly acting as a Time Machine server for my iMac, which is connected via Wifi. Backups seem to severely impact the overall network. Should I wire it up to the same switch that the NAS is connected to and set QoS?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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