7 Worst Celeb Makeup Jobs of All Time (PHOTOS)

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I give celebs little leeway when it comes to their makeup. If you're paying a professional to doll you up and put you together, you should look flawless on every red carpet, amirite or amirite? It's scary to see our favorite stars photographed looking totally disheveled. We're used to their normal radiant glow, so it's disturbing when we catch them looking like a hot mess.

Point is, celebrities hold themselves to a higher beauty standard since they're flying to Paris for a new bronzer or headed to a private retreat where they soak themselves in buttermilk for 10 days. They're given privileges we aren't. Hell, going to Walmart in search of a new mascara is a holiday treat for me -- a 10-day buttermilk-soak-cleanse-detox-purifying diet would be the chance of a lifetime.

I'm sure plenty of stars weren't even aware of how bad they looked. But folks, you've got to see these 5 awesomely bad makeup fails firsthand. Proceed with caution .


1. Kim Kardashian, The Mummy


2. Snooki, The Burnt Toast


3. Lady Gaga, The Black Widow


4. Nicki Minaj, The Doll


5. Christina Aguilera, The Blond Chuckie


6. Katy Perry, The Green Goblin


7. Taylor Momsen, Skeletor


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