Nobody likes Aquaman, Why?

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Aquaman, nobody's favorite superhero. The rightful King of Atlantis may be a joke on the surface world, but that hasn't stopped him from trying to fit in with humanity while defending them from threats from the deep.
some noticed many spoofs about Aquaman (the DC version of Namor/Sub-Mariner) around the net and beyond (even Mermaid-Man is nothing but a spoof of Aquaman).

I think everybody thought He was cool because he was among Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But growing up but after realized that there were more qualified superheroes for the fourth main seat, like The Flash, Green Lantern or even Plastic Man, which made me realize it might be a meme.

Many people always talk bad about him. Sure his powers are sort of dumb but at least he has powers, unlike Batman. Is it because he is outside most people's jurisdiction.

Aquaman is not having a good day. He stops some bank robbers only to be mocked later by the police at a seafood restaurant for trying to enjoy a plate of fish. While he tries to recover from his day with his girlfriend, the Atlantean Mera, a group of creatures from the ocean, start attacking the shoreline. One of the local deputies gets Arthur and Mera to help.

Following the battle, Arthur discovers a cocoon containing a dog, proving the creatures captured plenty of people to use as food later. The pair take the body of one of the creatures to Stephen Shin, an old friend and a man who nearly killed Arthur in the past for not telling him Atlantis' location. Shin reveals that the creature comes from a place in the ocean known as the Trenches, and Arthur and Mera set off.

Aquaman, nobody's favorite superhero.We've all heard the jokes: nobody likes Aquaman, he talks to fish and rides a seahorse and is oh so lame.


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