James Cameron's upcoming 'Avatar' sequel is likely to feature underwater scenes Motion Capture Technology

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Producer Jon Landau has revealed that unlike James Cameron's first 'Avatar' that was shot largely on a green screen performance-capture stage, parts two and three will be shot partially underwater.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 52-year-old said at the NAB Technology Summit on Cinema that they have kept a team of digital artists from the first film, in order to test how they can create performance capture underwater.



Landau told the New York Daily News that though they could simulate water in computer graphics, they can't simulate the actor's experience, so they are going to capture performance in a tank.



He said that they wanted to take advantage of the technology that people are putting out there to make the next two movies more engaging and visually tantalizing, and wrap up the story arc of the two main characters.

The Academy Award winner added that they are trying to stay as current as possible with the digital technology.


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