Hollywood Worst Performances That Ruined Movies

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Acting is an art. Just like a brilliant performance can lift a movie to a new level of greatness, a lousy performance can easily ruin the whole movie. Here's 16 worst performances that should be largely responsible for the total failure of the movies.


16. Hayden Christensen "Star Wars: Episode II" Attack Of The Clones

How to ensure that George Lucas' stilted and creaky dialogue is brought beautifully to life? Cast an actor who's as wooden as a Trojan horse and about as charismatic as a sucking black hole. Where's Harrison Ford when you need him?


15. Sofia Coppola "The Godfather Part III"

Sofia Coppola was no stranger to the Godfather trilogy, she was cast in the first part when she was only an baby. Then she took the reins from Winona Ryder for the trilogy-capping Godfather flick. Sadly, Ryder's absence was heavily felt as Coppola demonstrated that acting wasn't in her blood. The final "Dad" is a line delivery of horrific proportions. She should never act and just direct only.


14. Halle Berry "Catwoman"

To be fair, she had a truly horrendous catsuit to contend with. Still, Berry's partly to blame, failing to capture the same sexy bad girl spirit that Michelle Pfeiffer so effortlessly conjured in the vastly, vastly superior Batman Returns. Anne Hathaway was also perfectly cast for this role in The Dark Knight Rises, so how could Oscar-winner Berry blow it totally?


13. Darren Ewing "Troll 2"

This guy should get some kind of award. Not for being bad, of course, but for being so freaking entertaining that he completely ruins the rest of the movie because we can't stop giggling. His mouth says “Oh my God”, but his eyes say "kill me". What a Genius.


12. Ahmed Best "Star Wars: Episode I" The Phantom Menace

Even the Ewoks weren't as derided or despised as a flapping Gungan known as Jar Jar Binks. Single-handled destroying every scene he appears in, the hapless and clumsy alien amphibian is an irritating blot on the prequels and a perfect encapsulation of everything that went wrong with Lucas' prequels.


11. Chris Tucker "The Fifth Element"

Screeching his way through this otherwise divertingly daft sci-fi, Tucker sounds like a litter of cats slowly drowning in a futuristic river. We're always up for a little camp silliness, but this one's a serious patience tester.


10. Sage Stallone "Rocky V"

Sly Stallone casts his own son in this ill-fated fifth entry in the Rocky franchise. Sadly, he didn't check first to see if his son could actually act. In short: he couldn't, and pulled the rest of the film down with him.


9. M. Night Shyamalan "Lady In The Water"

Like many other famous directors, Shyamalan tried to cast himself in his own movie. He plays a writer whose work is the only hope for man's survival. Or something. Hideously self-fulfilling. Sadly, We lost all the hope.


8. Jennifer Lopez "Gigli"

Jennifer Lopez isn't solely responsible for officially the Most Hated Film Of 2003 some of the blame lies in her co-star Ben Affleck, as well. Together, they have zero on-screen chemistry. No wonder they broke up just a month after the film bombed at the box office.


7. Mariah Carey "Glitter"

Need we really discuss this one? Her performance was so bad that Ms Carey earned herself the Golden Raspberry award for Worst Actress. It took her eight years to bounce back with Precious, which proved that she could, in fact, act.


6. Kevin Costner "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves"

There wasn't anything particularly wrong with his acting in this movie actually. But Costner's odd "British" accent stumbles all over the place, winding up sounding "in retrospect" like some kind of Madonna parody. Except even Madonna doesn't sound this bad.


5. Denise Richards "The World Is Not Enough"

We all know that Bond girls aren't meant to be smart exactly, but casting Denise Richards in the role of a scientist just made us confused. What's more confusing was they then shove her in really skimpy Bond girl outfits and get her to recite scientific factoids. Our heads hurt.


4. Tommy Lee Jones "Batman Forever"

Yes, that really is the one and only Tommy Lee Jones rocking around in Joel Schumacher's Batflick. As Two-Face, he brings a new meaning to the word "ham". How we wish Aaron Eckhart was in it.


3. Orlando Bloom "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

Bloom's meant to be playing a charming young rogue a swashbuckling hero of yore. Instead, his line-delivery is more wooden than the Black Pearl herself, and his romance with Keira Knightley is sloppy.


2. Taylor Lautner "Abduction"

Lautner attempts to translate his Twi-brooding to another potential franchise-starter. Sadly, leaving his top on for most of the running time means we have to concentrate on his acting which "sorry guys and gals" really isn't up to much.


1. Nicolas Cage "The Wicker Man"



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