Few Things About Mario You Probably Didn't Know

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Mario Segale rented a warehouse to the then budding videogame company, Nintendo as they were working on a videogame called "Donkey Kong". Unfortunately, the starting up company was behind on its rent which awarded a visit from Segale.

After a promise from Nintendo's president that the rent would be paid, Segale simply left. Legend has it that this encounter gave the developers an idea to rename the character "Jumpman" as "Mario" and the rest is history.


Mario's name used to be "Jumpman"


Mario's first appearance in a video game was in 1981's Donkey Kong. We now know of Donkey Kong as a star of his own games, but in the original Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong was the villain who kidnapped a damsel in distress. Mario, whose name was "Jumpman" back then, had to rescue the damsel by jumping over barrels that Donkey Kong would throw at him.

Back then, not only did Mario have a different name, but a different job as well. "Jumpman" was originally supposed to be a carpenter. Also, Mario's signature cap and mustache were added in because it made him easier to draw. The original Donkey Kong didn't have very good graphics, and it was easier for Mario (Jumpman) to have a hat and a mustache than have hair and a mouth.


Mario is actually about to die on the cover of the original Super Mario Bros


As you can plainly see, our favorite Italian plumber is about to hit that stone wall and fall to his doom in one of Bowser's lava pits! Oh Nintendo, you so crazy.


Nintendo wanted Mario to ride Yoshi since the NES. It took 6 years for technology to make the concept possible


Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur since just after the completion of the very first Super Mario Bros. game, but it took 6 years due to technology limits.

If you're a Mario fan, you probably know Yoshi's first appearance was in Super Mario World, the first Mario game for the Super Nintendo. Unbeknownst to most, though, Yoshi had been around for several years already.

Just after the first game came out in 1985, Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur in a following game, but as he explained, the technology to have a player be able to activate and hop onto a totally different control scheme just wasn't there.

The NES wasn't really powerful enough. But Yoshi finally came around in 1990 (1991 in the US). To date he is one of the more popular Mario characters, and along with Wario and Donkey Kong, has had his own successful franchise.


PETA is targeting Nintendo's most popular character, Mario, for skinning animals



A tanooki is a japanese animal that is a mix between a dog and a raccoon. It's also one of Mario's fans favourite power ups. It allows Mario to both fly and turn into stone.

PETA thinks Mario must have skinned it for animal fur, and is now targeting Nintendo's superhero for animal skinning.

Even though no racoons were harmed in the making of Super Mario Brothers 3, PETA believes that Mario is sending the wrong message by saying it's OK to wear animal fur.


In the original Super Mario game, the clouds look exactly the same as the bushes except for the color.



Mario Party 8 was immediately recalled from store shelves in the UK for containing the word "spastic"

Upon the game's debut for Wii on July 13th, 2007, Nintendo issued a recall of all copies of the game due to a "production error". As it turns out, this error meant that the wrong version of the game was released, with the word "spastic" as a part of its script. At one point in the gameplay, the blue wizard named Kamek recites this spell: "Magikoopa magic! Turn the train spastic! Make this ticket tragic!"

We here in the U.S. rarely interpret this word in a pejorative sense; we typically associate the words "spaz" or "spazzing out" with instances of over-excitement or hyperactivity. However, in England spastic is considered to be a highly offensive way to refer to the disabled. The derogatory term was soon replaced with the word "erratic", and the 8th iteration of the Mario Party series made its way back to British retailers on August 3rd.


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