Celebs With Better Looking Siblings

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These celebrities are some of the best looking people in the world, but their siblings are just as hot or even hotter.


Beyonce and Solange Knowles

These celebrities are some of the best looking people in the world, but their siblings are just as hot or even hotter! Keep reading to check out all these attractive brothers and sisters of Hollywood.

Singer Beyonce Knowles has fame and fortune, but her sister Solange isn't doing too bad for herself either. She's a sassier version of her older sis, in terms of looks and musical talent.


Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley were all the rage when they were little kids, but now Elizabeth Olson is stealing the spotlight. This younger Olsen sister has gained critical acclaim for her acting roles and she's easily the most attractive of the three.


AnnaLynne and Rachel McCord

AnnaLynne McCord is a popular actress, but she's mainly known for her good looks. Her lesser-known sister Rachel is surprisingly hot too, although she has more of that girl next door look.


James and Dave Franco

Did you know that James Franco has a younger brother? Dave Franco is an actor as well, and he's basically a cuter and tinier version of his bro.


Emma and Alex Watson

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is becoming more and more attractive as she ages, but so is her brother. Alex Watson is now a fashion model and instantly became a teen heartthrob.


Miley and Brandi Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been in some strange phase where she wants to look like a punk rocker. In the meantime, her sister Brandi has transformed into a real hottie!


Robert, Lizzy Pattison, and Victoria Pattinso

It's still a mystery why anyone thinks Robert Pattinson is attractive, but his older sisters Lizzy and Victoria are pretty cute. Lizzy, a singer-songwriter, is probably the looker of the bunch.


Blake and Eric Lively

Blake Lively is smoking hot, so it's hard to imagine that her sibling could even hotter. Well, it's hard to judge who's more attractive, but actor Eric Lively is definitely one handsome man.


Michelle and Dedee Pfeiffer

You probably had no idea that Michelle Pfeiffer even had a sister, let alone one that's so attractive! Dedee Pfeiffer is actually an actress who has made a number of guest appearances on TV shows.


PenÃlope and MÃnica Cruz

It's hard to top the looks of award winning actress of Penélope Cruz, but her own sister is tough competition. Mónica Cruz looks fairly similar to her older sis, but she's a little bit curvier.


Adam and Michael Levine

Singer Adam Levine is the lead singer of Maroon 5, and his good looks have driven the crowd wild for years. However, his younger brother Michael has been gifted with a handsome face too!


Heidi and Holly Montag

Reality star Heidi Montag went the plastic surgery route to achieve her look, but her sister Holly is rocking a more natural appearance. Holly obviously made the right choice to avoid cosmetic surgery.


Kate and Oliver Hudson

Kate Hudson just has that fun and spirited glow that makes her so attractive. Her lesser-known brother Oliver Hudson is also an actor, and he has that same happy-go-lucky look.


Justin and Sebastian Theroux

Justin Theroux has been acting for years, but he finally stepped into the spotlight when he started dating Jennifer Aniston. It turns out that his younger brother Sebastian is a total stud.


Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

Who would have guessed that supermodel Gisele Bundchen would have an even more attractive sister. Of course, that's up for debate, but Patricia Bundchen is a definite natural beauty.


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