All Time Funniest Internet Hoaxes

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People keep on getting smarter. It used to be really easy to pull a huge prank. One time in 1824, a dude claimed Manhatten was sinking and he was going to saw it off and flip it around. EVERYONE BELIEVED HIM! They even had a ground breaking ceremony. You just can't get away with stuff like that any more in the real world. You have to take it to the internet where everyone still believes everything. Here are the funniest internet hoaxes.

Friends Was Renewed For A New Season

old friends cast photo

This was a hoax that was flaoting around a few weeks ago. An article claimed that the tv show Friends was going to brought back for a brand new season. People lost it. My Facebook timeline was filled with Friends fans who were acting like they had just won the lottery. It was believable because NBC is doing so poorly in the ratings war that it seemed like they would try a stunt like this. Honestly, the way this thing blew up, I think NBC should actually consider doing it. A new season of Friends would float the network for at least another 10 years of bad business decisions.

Bill Gates Is Giving Away Money

scrooge mcduck skiing on gold

I've seen this hoax show up more than any other hoax on this list and it cracks me up every time. I don't know why anyone would think that forwarding an e-mail or sharing a Facebook status will get Bill Gates to give you a dump truck of money. The thing about this one is that Bill Gates really could give someone a dump truck full of money if he wanted to. Unfortunately, he's not the fun kind of billionaire. He spends all of his money on feeding people and curing dumb diseases.

NASA Is Making Astronauts Do It In Space

olivia munn wearing space helmet

This is one of the earliest internet hoaxes. It was around in the late 80's when the itnernet was still just a series of tubes. Document 12-571-3570 was a fake NASA study on what positions were best for doin' it in space. I don't know why anyone believed this. Everyone knows that the best doin' it position in space in the Space Jam.

Hercules The Horse-Sized Dog

fake giant dog picture

I think people believed this because they wanted so badly for it to be true. This was a dog that was big enough for a full grown adult to saddle and ride. Of course, riding a dog would be an incredibly inefficient means of transportation. He'd want to stop every two minutes to sniff something and you definitely don't want to be around him when he starts to get "a hunch" as my grandma would say.

McDonald's Charges A Fee To African-American Customers

fake mcdonalds sign

There was a photo going around of a McDonald's sign that claimed there was an additional fee for African-American customers. It got spread around so much that McDonald's released an official statement about how they are committed to diversity. I don't know why every one got so worked up about it. I saw an even more offensive real sign at McDonald's the other day. I only get 1 ketchup per item?!?!?!! When I go to McDonald's, I want to drench my fries in red sugar sauce. I feel like they need to take down those signs and issue an apology to Type 2 Diabetes.

buytigers loho

This website is still up and they apparently get hate mail almost every day from animal lovers who think that the web site is real. I'm glad it's not real because $13k isn't really that much money. I would gladly trade in my car and take out a loan to get a pet tiger. I mostly just want it so I could walk it around my neighborhood at night and not feel terrified.

Death Of Jeff Goldblum

sexy jeff goldblum

There have been tons of celebrity death hoaxes, but none of them spread like the wildfire that was the Jeff Goldblum death hoax. It was claimed that he fell off of a cliff in New Zealand while filming a movie. Jeffie G showed up on The Colbert Report alive and well to refute the claim. I was mostly just terrified that I was going to have to recast my script for Earth Girls Are Easy 2: Secret Of The Ooze.

The Dangers Of Dihydrogen Monoxide

dihydrogen monoxide meme

This hoax sounds super scary the first time you read it. It's a frightening sounding chemical and it's in everything! Of course, Dihydrogen monoxide is just plain water, the source of all life on the planet. Either way, I still think water should be banned. MOUNTAIN DEW FOREVERRRRR!!!!!!!111

Microsoft Bought The Roman Catholic Church

bill gates as the pope

There were internet hoaxes before this one, but this was the first really big internet hoax. It was claimed that Microsoft was going to purchase the Roman Catholic Church. It's too bad this isn't true cause then my mom would actually be proud of me for spending an entire day playing XBox.

Justin Bieber Is Gay

justin bieber with a mustache

A few weeks ago, a hacker group got in to the Twitter account of E! Online and posted that they had an exclusive story about Justin Bieber being secretly gay. Of course, the internet exploded. That's just ridiculous. Everybody knows that Justin Bieber is secretly a hot lady.



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