Warner Bros. have Make "The Flash", hopes are still alive

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Warner Bros. is finalizing their strategy of how they want to roll out their DC superheroes and obviously they've got Batman in an incredibly great place and Green Lantern, I think, performed okay. I think they probably would have liked it to have done better, but yeah, there is still a whole lot of excitement for the DC universe and I know The Flash is very high on the list.

After Warner Bros. released Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern the studio went back to the drawing board to create a new strategy on how to handle their DC comics properties. I thought Green Lantern sucked, and it didn't do as well as the studio hoped it would. Apparently The Flash is at the top of the studios list of movies to make. This bit of news comes from Wrath of the Titans screenwriter Dan Mazeau who also wrote a draft of The Flash script. Here's what he told blastre in a recent interview, It's like anything though. It has to come together with the right cast. It has to come together with the right director and sort of the right moment and so they're trying to push the rock up the hill  hopefully there will be some news soon, but right now I can't really say anything else.


In December 2004, Warner Bros. officially announced that David s. Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins) would write and likely direct a Flash movie. By February 2007, Goyer had been replaced by Shawn Levy. He first solid news in a year came in July 2009, when The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Warner Bros. had quietly hired Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman as consultants for its DC movies. Geoff Johns has written a treatment for The Flash and will be a producer on the movie, and Dan Mazeau was confirmed to be writing a script from John's treatment.

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