The Pixar Sequels We REALLY Want to See

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With the recent announcement of Finding Dory, a sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo, it became clear just how into the sequel business Pixar has gotten. But I'm not fatigued by the idea of Pixar sequels. Unlike Pirates of the Carribean movies, which literally feel like they have 16 pages on Netflix, I am in no way sick yet of Pixar sequels. That said, here are the Pixar sequels we REALLY want to see.

Up 2

I honestly have no idea what they would do in a sequel to Up, but I just want another experience like I had with the first film. The first ten minutes of that film were the first time I had ever even had emotions, and apparently I have to CONTINUE having them if I'm going to save my relationship with my girlfriend.

Wall-E 2

Wall-E, more than any other Pixar movie, needs a sequel, if only because I hate the way the first movie treated humanity. That movie spent at least fifty percent of its running time calling human beings fat, lazy, and disgusting. If there isn't a sequel showing mankind picking itself up and making things right, we could have a world-wide class action lawsuit on our hands. And since Pixar has so much money, everyone in the world would end up with a FAT chunk of change. And once we're all rich, we won't have to go to work or exercise or do ANYTHING anymore besides eat!

Geri's Game

It would be great to get a sequel to this 1997 Pixar short about an old man playing chess by himself needs a sequel because even after watching the first Geri's Game, I still have no idea how to play chess. Like, what is this castle thing? A "rook"? No way is that a real word.

Ratatouille 2

Don't pretend like a Ratatouille sequel where Ratatouille assembles a vermin Justice Leauge-esque band of heroes to battle the nefarious Health Department wouldn't be EPIC.

Fast and the Furious 8

I don't know why something has to start off a Pixar franchise to get a Pixar sequel. Wouldn't it be great to see The Rock spending an entire movie making goofy faces, and see Vin Diesel learn a lesson about friendship? Vin Diesel strikes me as a guy who really needs a lesson about friendship.

The Incredibles 2

A sequel to The Incredibles MUST be made at some point. Let's be honest, The Incredibles is the best movie Pixar has ever made. It's so good I have to imagine the United States government's two-step plan for when the Armies of Hell rise up to reclaim the Earth is to 1. Show these armies The Incredibles and convince them we deserve to to live, and 2. to throw a giant blanket over all of our fast food restaurants so the armies don't see that we really, really don't deserve to live.


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