Jackie Chan's injuries and many more things about him

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Chan was born on 7 April 1954. The most well-known, working Hong Kong actor and the man who best personifies Hong Kong action movies is Jackie Chan. Chan has a huge cult following and some people argue that he is the most popular movie star in the world. Drunken Master made him a star.

Jackie Chan's Early Life

Jackie Chan was born Chan Kong-sang in 1954 after reportedly spending a year inside his mother's womb. He weighed 5.5 kilos at birth and was delivered by a caesarean section. Chan said his father didn't have enough money to pay for the $200 operation and offered his son as payment. Friends intervened and lent him the money.

Chan's father's Charles was a cook and his mother was maid for a French diplomat. Jackie didn't know until he was an adult that his father had been married before and had three sons who were lost during the Japanese occupation. Charles met Jackie's mother, Lee-lee, in Shandong and together they made their way to Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan Stunts

Jackie Chan is famous for his stunts and the injuries he has sustained while doing stunts. He often does films while wearing cast and the best part of many of his films are the closing credits, in which he is shown screwing up and injuring himself in out takes.

Jackie Chan's Injuries

Jackie Chan has had scores of injuries and broken numerous bones. He broke his nose three times (Young Master, Project A and Mr. Nice Guy), his ankle once, most of his fingers, both cheekbones and his skull. He dislocated his shoulder in City Hunter and broke a vertebrae in Police Story. In Drunken Master he nearly lost an eye.


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