Audition Videos Of Famous Disney Stars

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Of course now they're some of the biggest stars around, heck one of them is already kind of washed-up (sorry, Lilo!) But they were once just struggling actors just looking for their big breaks. Or at least their parents were looking for their kid's big breaks.  Here's 5 of the biggest stars to ever come out of the Disney machine in their audition videos!

Miley Cyrus - Zoey 101 and Hannah Montana

Aww, it look at little Miley,  she was a country-fried nobody struggling to pull herself out of obscurity! And by that I mean the spoiled daughter of a big time country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, AKA the man who rocked the world's greates mullet EVER. I'm sure she got the audition based purely on her talent. It's weird seeing her as a little girl knowing that she would one day grow up to pose provacatively with her daddy and pound penis cake on her fiance's birthday.

Demi Lovato - Sonny with a Chance

I like Demi Lovato! She is truly someone who made it based purely on her talent. And you know what else is awesome about her? She totally struggled with major ish and landed on her feet again. That's how you do a comeback, Lohan! Take notes.  The only think I don't like about Demi Lovato is the times when I'm driving around belting out Heart Attack and I catch someone judging me in another car. Technically not her fault, but she did put out a song that's so damn guilty pleasure-y.

Jamie Lynn Spears - Zoey 101

It must have been hard to grow up in big sis Britney's shadow, but Jamie did all right for herself. She even managed to out do Britney in one area...she had her baby when she was younger. Which considering how effed up Britney became, is quite an accomplishment!

Selena Gomez

This was Selena's first audition for Disney. She is so dang cute, ain't she? And now that she dumped the Biebs we can all be full on board the Selena train again...amirite?  Seeing pics of Bieber and her making out in some luxury resort was just about the worst thing I ever saw on the internet. Well, except the time I googled 'Dora Rule 34' without my Safe Search on.

Lindsay Lohan - Parent Trap

OMG. That British accent is hilarious. This is the Lohan I adore. Not the one who was recently photographed wasted under a table at a Brazilian nightclub. Please don't die Lindsay. I honestly can't take this little girl growing up and dying young.  I'd ask  'Where are her parents!?!", but we all know this apple didn't fall far from the effed up tree. Sigh.

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