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Hancock 2

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All powerful god that will be introduced in Hancock 2.

Rumor is, Hancock 2 will be based more on the relationship between Hancock and his true love Mary Embrey as new sets of issues arise. However, Charlize Theron hasn't 100% commited to the film, leaving a hole in the story so far. More info as it rolls in. Director Peter Berg says "Hancock 2" will happen, however the plot with Hancock has always been the sticking point.

In a new Hancock movie, they have to figure out the real struggle for Hancock, because he is invincible. So where do they take this character? There is no "Kryptonite" to destroy him, apparently just the love from Charlize Theron, who is too busy staying beautiful and rich, to do any more shitty Hancock sequels..

Now this is just a rumor at this point, but apparently this is the poster for the new Hanock movie. Don't take this for the final poster since it could change a little bit between now and the 2014 release. I like what they did here, looks promising.


Hancock 2 Release Date:

Look for the Hancock Sequel in summer 2014.

Cast includes:

Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman all returning.

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