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The 10 Most Mind Blowing Movie Fan theories

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In movies, there is always room for imagination and research, that's where most fan theories come from.

Some of them are entertaining, some are incredibly crazy, some are totally BS, and some make tremendous sense.

Since the invention of movies, thousands of fan theories have been created, here we selected 10 movie fan theories that sound crazy enough but get backed up by solid evidence.

10. The Rock

The Fan Theory: Sean Connery's character Mason is actually James Bond (more on him later). Caught spying in America, he has spent the rest of his life banged up in various prisons.

The Proof: As FBI Director Womack later professes, "This man does not exist not in the United States or Great Britain. That's because James Bond isn't a person" it's only a code name.


9. Back To The Future

The Fan Theory: Doctor Brown is attempting to commit suicide when he tests out the DeLorean. But it turns out that not only does he invent time travel, but he realizes life is worth living after all.

The Proof: He states that all his previous experiments have been total failures, then proceeds to stand directly in front of the speeding car, guaranteeing his own death if his latest product works fine.


8. Inception

The Fan Theory: Cobb's totem isn't actually his spinning top, but his wedding ring. In the "real world' he takes it off, but in the dream world, he's always wearing it".

The Proof: Because if you subscribe to this theory, it explains the ending once and for all, as you get a brief glimpse of Cobb's hand and no ring. That is not an open ending.


7. Toy Story

The Fan Theory: Andy's parents are in the middle of a divorce when the film is taking place.

The Proof: It actually makes a lot of sense, since we never see any signs of Andy's dad, and the whole story is driven by his mum's need to downsize to a smaller house. Then there's the fact that Andy is an extremely introverted kid. It could be the case.


6. Blade Runner

The Fan Theory: Not only is Deckard a Replicant, but he is a Replicant implanted with the memories of a former Blade Runner. Detective Gaff.

The Proof: It would explain the weird connection that exists between the two, but also Gaff's obvious resentment of Deckard. Could it be that his limp put him out of service, only for Deckard to step in as his replacement? It's possible.


5. Kill Bill Vol. 2

The Fan Theory: The Bride doesn't actually Kill Bill.

The Proof: When the end credits roll, all the characters whom we know to be dead have their names crossed out. Darryl Hannah merely had her eye plucked out, so she gets a question mark. But Bill? Nothing, nothing at all. It would suggest that Bill was playing dead. After all, it's made clear on several occasions that only Pai Mei has successfully mastered the five point palm exploding heart technique.


4. Forrest Gump

The Fan Theory: Jenny's son, who is presented to Forrest as his own offspring at the end of the movie, isn't really his son at all.

The Proof: It tallies with what we know about Jenny from the film(she gets around a bit), and adds a more bittersweet sheen to the film's conventionally happy ending.


3. Pulp Fiction

The Fan Theory: The briefcase contains Marsellus Wallace's soul.

The Proof: Legend has it that the Devil removes a person's soul through the back of their head, where Marsellus has a plaster. The combination to the briefcase is 666, which is the code of the devil. The contents glow with ethereal beauty. How obvious do you want to make it?


2. The Shining

The Fan Theory: Stanley Kubrick helped fake the moon landings, and The Shining contains several coded admissions. Didn't you notice Danny's jumper?

The Proof: When it comes to The Shining, people don't tend to hold back on their theorising. Check out the documentary Room 237 for more details.


1. Skyfall

The Fan Theory: "James Bond" isn't a man but rather a codename, passed on from one MI6 agent after the other over the years.

The Proof: It easily explains away why various different Bonds look and behave differently, while supporting characters (M, for example) continue to age before the audience's eyes in those Bond movies.

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