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Top 15 Unseen Mistakes in Titanic

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Titanic is one of the most successful films of all time, the film is directed by James Cameron and won as many as 11 Oscar awards making it the only film to win these many Oscars. The story revolves around a seventeen year old girl named Rose DeWitt Bukater who falls in love with an artist who is also aboard on Titanic, the ship.

Many critics have praised the movie to a great extent, especially for the scene where the almighty Titanic meets its ill fate and starts drowning.

Lets have a Look:

1. When Jack and Rose are running away from Cal to the first class dining room, if you look at the glass you can see a black screen, a light, and a crewman.

2. Look closely at the location of Rose's beauty-mark the first time you see her at the dock. It is on the opposite side of her face during the rest of the movie.

3. In the scene where Rose breaks Jack's handcuffs, you can visibly see the stunt person not wearing suspenders as Jack does. This is an inter cut shot between the raising of the ax and the striking of the cuffs. Leonardo's stunt double is noticeable in other shots throughout the film.

4. When Rose is trying to rescue Jack she spies a fire axe. Smashing all the glass out from the holder she grabs the axe and turns round. The next camera shot shows Rose standing in front of the case with almost all of its glass intact.

5. When the ship tilts to a vertical position, you see people falling and hitting objects on the deck. In a close up of that, you can see that a black and bronze-topped capstan has wrinkles in it and bends when someone hits it.

6. When Rose is lying on the piece of board and she is trying to wake Jack by shaking his hands and such, there is some frozen stuff under Jacks nose. The scene cuts back to Rose and when we go back to Jack the ice isn't there. Then the scene cuts back to Rose and the next time we see Jack he has it on his face again.

7. Just as Titanic breaks apart, the compass platform (seen in front of the third funnel when the lights were still on) suddenly disappears. The water isn't even high enough to have reached its aft-most legs. The white projection on the deck that held the chandelier in the lounge is also gone, and the ventilator that sits on it is flush with the deck.

8. As the ship is breaking apart, you can see the wires that pull people into the tear on the Deck.

9. When Jack comes to the first class door for the first time in his tux, you can see a cameraman on the glass door before he enters.

10. When Jack is asking Rose to dance after dancing with the little girl "Cora", you will notice that Jack's hair is down when first asking her and when the camera goes to Rose and then back to Jack that it is back up with, all nice and neat.

11. The design of the ship's bow changes significantly while at sea. The white form on top of the bow used for mooring first does, then doesn't have an indentation on top, possibly with a bolt in the center. The point where the curved railing meets the straight side railings either is or is not connected by a top horizontal bar, and the gap between the vertical posts changes size. Another mistake on this site mentions the anchor design change, but also the metal walkway is made of tubular metal bars -or- flat bars that are more numerous and closer together.

12. After Rose, Jack, Tommy & Fabrizio have run on deck (afterbreaking the gate down), the camera looks down the ship toward the bow. If you look at this in slow-mo, you can see city lights in the top-left hand corner of the picture. I know these are city lights because in a book about the movie, it shows a similar picture.

13. At the very beginning of the film when Brock is talking with the big guy, they walk up stairs turn to the right, and right in front of them is a large piece of the ship with a no smoking sign on it, yet in the following shot, the large piece has turned into a very small piece, not even enough room for the sticker.


14. When Rose breaks Jack's handcuffs with an axe she doesn't hit the handcuffs on the pipe but Jack's hand. The handcuffs come apart by themselves.

15. When Jack and Rose enter the car to make love, cameras, shades, boom mike and studio structure are reflected on the brass parts of the car.

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Source: moviemistakes.com

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