10 Apps to Help Execute the Perfect Prank

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Decades ago, April Fools' Day was a barrage of whoopee cushions and "Is your refrigerator running?" prank calls. They got old quickly and left pranksters longing for more sophisticated tools to execute the most evil of gags.

Enter technology.

The ultimate jokesters now have mobile apps at their disposal to ensure that hijinks are original and perfectly tailored to prank victims. These apps make pranking sweet and simple, and will fill your day with laughs — most likely only on your end.

Just remember, pranks go both ways so watch your back (and your phone).

Sound Prank

This app lets you play several noises including high frequency tones and chirping crickets on timers, so everyone around you will slowly go insane looking for the source of the noise. Pretend you can't hear anything for increased annoyance to the victim.

Dude, Your Car!

Nothing riles up a person more than car damage, but of course no one is going to believe a rumor. This app provides the needed proof for a good prank. Take a picture of the prankee's car and photoshop in some scratches (or even flames). Send the person the image of their car and watch them panic like no other.

Remote Mouse

This app gives you the perfect tech savvy pranking opportunity. Sync the app to a colleague's computer and take their mouse hostage. The victim will think they've got a possessed computer.

Ultra Voice Changer

Prank calls are the bread and butter of April Fool's Day. But no one is going to believe you're a cyborg without some digital altering. Use this app to change your voice and freak out the person on the other end.

Horror Ghost Camera

Here's the prank for your most gullible friend. The app adds a ghost filter to your pictures so you can make someone think their photos are being haunted.

Blue Screen of Death

Here's a simple, yet terrifying, prank for a friend who loves their laptop. This app will project the ultimate in error messages on their screen so they will think their computer is a hop, skip and a jump away from death.

Icon Prank

Make a friend think their iPhone's lost it with this app. Simply snap a picture of their home screen and upload it to the app. Then watch as the app scrambles their icons and makes it seem as if their phone is defying gravity. They will rush to organize their icons with no luck.

Scary Cam

It's the oldest trick in the book, but trust us, this prank never gets dull. Just hand a friend your phone and ask them to take "The Idiot Test." They'll quickly become immersed in the game when a zombie child pops up and scares them wit-less. The best part? The app captures the whole thing on your phone's camera so you can share the hilarious pics right away.

Atomic Fart

Of course, we couldn't leave this one out -- It's a true classic. And with this app you can take flatulence awkwardness to the next level. It will get them every time.


If you don't like anything you've seen yet, this app is sure to impress. Its got dozens of simple tricks up its' sleeve that you can browse through and find the one that fits you perfectly. It even lets you alter the pranks to be more suitable for the prankee.

Source : Mashable

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