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What future holds for the connected healthcare system

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Technology is all over the world. Have a look around you, from getting your favourite dish at 2 a.m. in the morning to buying clothes while sitting in your favourite shorts in bed; everything can be done online using mobile phones. Technology has brought enough benefits to us to make us stick to bed and do anything we want. Every industry has taken advantages of the technology, be it in the optimisation of the processes or the automation of the tasks that increase the efficiency of their work. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and IoTs are some regions which have driven changes in every industry. While every industry has enjoyed many benefits, one industry that has transformed to a whole new level with the help of IoT technology is the healthcare industry or the modern-day connected healthcare.

Nowadays, the healthcare industry is no more restricted to the parts where people have to go their doctors for everything and even have to visit them. IoTs and connected healthcare solutions have made it possible for people to monitor their health.

How exactly can connected healthcare benefit people and transforming healthcare industry?

Let’s understand this with the help of an example because the digital transformation trends in the connected healthcare industry is a bit elaborative to explain in a blog.

A person who’s very well versed in the technology have a fitness band that he wears and monitor his health every day through the mobile application. Due to the increase in the blood pressure for past few days, the application detected, the guy received a notification regarding the same. Also, he instantly shares the data of last seven days with his doctor through his mobile application. The doctor who received the data can provide his consultancy through the application itself, helping the patient.

The above example was just a very small and little brief of how these connected solutions work. Connected healthcare solutions work on the levels where the smart beds installed at home can detect the sleeping pattern and suggest you the type of coffee you need for the day. With doctors available at any time of the day to assist you and technology recognizing the sleep patterns to detect the problems that one can face in the future, IoTs have made everything possible.

By bridging the gap and providing connected healthcare services, HARMAN is working to improve the healthcare condition in the world. If you wish to get more insights on the same, then you can have a look at their website.
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