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The most sacred scriptures of Hinduism are the Vedas. A few components of the religion rehearsed by the locals of India before Vedic times still endure in the Vedas .

Selections from the Vedas are still memorized and recited for religious merit today . Still much of the religion given in the Vedas is unidentified today and plays little to no role in modern Hinduism .

Astrology is certainly one among them . Astrology is the science of learning celestial bodies ( planets ) and how these cycles influence life on the planet . In addition to that , Astrology tells how the energies of the solar system have an effect on us . Everything in the Galaxy is Energy . Clearly the planets energies affect you at all times , but we always have free will and choice .

As soon as you obtain and become acquainted with your natal report , you may like to fix certain traits which were explained there and which you failed to totally like . It is very important to know that the birth chart is like a road map . The map itself simply cannot take you to your destination , but can show you the different paths that you could take . It can point you the quickest way to become what only you can become , according to the strengths , outlined in your chart . On the other hand , it will point out to you where you find yourself towards the end of your journey if you decide to put your feet up . The choice to act or not to act , glancing at the chart is entirely yours . And here the words in the Japanese proverb come to mind.

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