An Insight of Online Puzzle Game Development

Published on 2020-07-28 23:03:55
2 min read

In this corona crisis, everyone is focusing on enhancing their skillset, so, if you are a designer then why not build something cool like brain teaser Online Puzzle Games. As under this COVID19 situation, people are sitting at home and looking for an option to spend time, which opens doors for the online gaming industry. But developing Online Puzzle Games can be challenging alongside creative artwork. And to build a full-package puzzle game, one must have an idea about the concept of games.

The gaming industry is a very much lucrative and interactive genre of the businesses that almost generating revenue of 51%. Moreover, the latest technology trends like AR and VR are the cherry on the top, for all game developers alongside boosts users’ attention nowadays.

So, How to Get Started for Development of Online Puzzle Games?

1st Step: Create an Idea

Before the start of development, game developers must have an idea. It is a complicated process in which one must have to do a lot of research on a particular game and get proper competitor knowledge. Also, the developer can work on the already existing game and make it a better version, which can be more interactive and engaging for the audience.

2nd Step: Give the Game, a Purpose

To develop a successful game, it is important to build it convincing and have the motive to attract gamers out in the world. Create a puzzle with some mind-boggling features or character and focus on the core of the game intact to get a stand out interactive piece of art.

3rd Step: Select the Platform Wisely

The key concept of building anything online is the platform, on which our game going to play. You can select various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and much more. And it is critical to have a platform to decide the factor that what type of market your game should be targeting?

4th Step: Make a Stunning Design

Developing a puzzle game design is a very critical element and is more complicated than making one for a simple app. A great puzzle game design requires consideration of multiple factors such as characters, stories, or final appearance that drives the complete game. It should be simpler enough to understandable and hard enough to beat your rivals.

5th Step: Decide the Monetization Plan

Developing a puzzle game can be expensive, so you should have a monetization plan in mind before its development. There are different ways, you can monetize your game like In-app purchases, Premium version means either offer free trial or demo, and if players like it then ask them to pay for further play, and an Ads within the App.

6th Step: Settle on The Right Technology

Once you have a blueprint ready, the next step involves the development, which means you need to select between 3 top development processes includes Hybrid, Native, HTML5 to use as main design tools.

Online Puzzle Games are engaging and help our minds to discharge endorphins, which are the reason for our prosperity. These sorts of puzzle video games stop the danger of intellectual degeneration as while playing these computer games one is utilizing memory consideration, logic, and strategic thinking.