Wedding Dress Fabrics

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The Wedding Fabrics vary according to the design of the bridal gowns where the wedding fabrics affect the wedding texture. The variety of bridal gowns ranges from breathable to lightweight and from warm to heavy. These are widely used fabrics in wedding dress which could bring royal feeling to the bride. The article will let you know some of the fabrics most commonly used among the wedding dresses.


This is a type of fabric which is light in weight and soft. Charmeuse is one kind of textile which is very soft to handle. This fabric is best suited for evening gowns.


Chiffon material is widely used for warm weather which is featured with as silk material to give delicate look. The Chiffon fabric is wrinkled often and produces a transparent look.


Duchess satin resembles polyester look which is used in formal wedding gowns. The light weight chiffon is woven into the satin surface with beautiful sheen.


Lace is an open fabric resembles cotton or silk used as an overlay all over the wedding dress to give proper lining. There is variety of laces available to give breathtaking wedding gowns.

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