Top Wedding colors for Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

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Summer Wedding is most exhilarating to many couples where the weather will be in perfect mode to turn up their desired ideas. Likewise summer dresses are also expected to be in same manner. A perfect dress needs to be casual in the way the designers stitch the wedding gown in all color form. Some of the wedding dresses are designed in favor to the brides in combination with strapless and sheath wedding dress. This article will let you to discuss on summer bridesmaid dress colors which will bring great look on the wedding day.


French blue is one of the gorgeous wedding gown color which gives elegant look for the bride on wonderful wedding day. It is well suited for summer as well as winter weddings which give an eminent feeling for the bride.


Limpet shell resembles the shade of green color which is fresh and clear which is selected in top color gown for wedding. It is best suited for beach wedding where the silhouette gives a predominant look on the wedding day.


Sage is the perfect soft green which gives a stunning look awaited wedding dress. The sage green is absolutely suited for summer and spring wedding where the bride wants to look beautiful on the lovely day.


Slate blue has feminine softness look and considered in top colors 2016 which has a dusty gray tone gives gorgeous and unique look. It seems to have vigorous appearance which is best suited for winter wedding season emits to look super pretty.


Lilac lavender is slightly in purple color which gives elegant look and best option for outdoor wedding. This dusty purple color looks gorgeous for bridesmaid on that precious day.


Grey is also a bright and versatile color which can be mixed with other colors to bring elegant feel. Since grey color is a neutral color can be patched with other vibrant color. It is best suited for summer wedding bridesmaid dress.

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