Popular Pink Shade for wedding day

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Pink is the most favorite color for every girl who wishes dress up their wedding day with gorgeous pink color. Shades of white color will give a completely unique look which makes them have a glorious feeling. Pink shade is the best choice for every bride on that dream day. If the bride is planning for a formal wedding, pink mixed with gold is a perfect option for an auspicious day.


Rose color which resembles the color of flowers is popular in the market. Color combination with white is an extraordinary collection for a bride on that dream day. The soft rose pink gown is a unique design decorated with flowers to give elegant look.


Blush shade is a perfect wedding gown for the flawless romantic wedding. Blush color gives an elegant and fabulous look which is the best choice for a romantic wedding.


Peach is a traditional color which gives rich warmth and great outlook in casual form. Peach color mixed with gold and white gives you flawless feeling which is well suited for a summer wedding.


Coral is darker in color with red tones which give a gorgeous look well suited for an outdoor summer wedding. It is coated with natural sunset blush by mixing with some accessories which highlight the color.



Raspberry has compliments colors such as white, gray, black and gold which resemble lush berry shade to give beautiful look. It gives gorgeous flattering color for a bridesmaid dress to make the wedding day an adorable one.

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