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How do I prepare the GRE in one week? ▾

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First advice: Do not let people scare you.

You will achieve significantly less by cramming for weekly. But if you begin from a good English degree you will fall only a couple of points short (in total) of your possibilities.

I had been introduced with the 500 words and Kaplan's book of Kaplan to study from.


I advise you to find Kaplan's 500 flashcards on Quizlet - the complete version with definition, illustration and synonyms - it's quite effective (I will not post the link, only for security). Learn 100 words all the first five days - learn the batch practice with all shuffle. On the sixth and seventh day just practice. That should require no longer than 15 hours. It's really well worth it - that the words look very frequently. (I have memorised roughly 80 percent in about 10 hours). As I had Kaplan's book I received my hands on the practice tests. I did four of these, which was sufficient for me to understand the structure and receive a plausible sense of timing plan. Spend additional time/question about reading. In total two hours.
Do the two official practice tests in the previous two days. This is much more important compared to the previous point. I felt exhausted while doing them. This was much of a problem on the exam. Two hours for the manic portion of the evaluations.

I have to have learnt a lot of English phrases in mathematics: kinds of triangles, angles, hypotenuse, vertex and so forth. You need to feel familiar with them from the day you choose the official practice examinations. Skim through the record but see the 'more challenging' components. Do this for possibly two hours.

Do a lot of unofficial practice tests. I did 10 of these (quickly, since I had been impatient for results). Please perform at least the exact same level - 5 hours. With every evaluation I believe I have improved. On the previous 4 I did two mistakes, which had been already fine.
Search for some of the very demanding GRE difficulties online. This will definitely make you more comfortable with the quant section, since it will be slightly more difficult if you get it right. None of the actual GRE questions are rocket science. Some need over two minutes, however this is really a minority. Two hours.

EDIT: top Two %

Depending upon your major, you will possibly need to spend time on the Quantitative section. I feel odd about the fact that I have committed more time to Verbal. Nevertheless, the quantitative is only testing the number of stupid mistakes you will make, if your background is in something which involves mathematics. You can do it in 20 minutes in maximum (not wasting time) and assess carefully each question again.

I have not got the results - however I think I will instruct you.

EDIT: Not actually.

You will need to really familiarize yourself with the forms of essays on the market, if your educational system does not include such kinds of written forms on examinations, because it is the situation in Poland. You will likely wish to disregard the section, since it is the least important. My proposition for rapid learning is as follows:

Learn rigid constructions, which you will just fill with phrases joined to the topic. This should not take long, possibly two hours.
Second-fourth paragraph: In every paragraph describe 1 debate. Three+ sentences. First one stating the debate, the remainder supporting.
Fifth paragraph: one of those essays (I think that the second one) requires a more last paragraph. But, in the two of these three paragraphs will likely be fine
<- 2. Do about two practice essays. Timed. I did one of each and it was surprisingly enough. However, if you have time, do two. two hours
Exam day

Prepare a few chocolate to fill out the carbohydrates. Get some water, but don't drink much and go to the toilet prior to the first and second region of the test.

I have advised the exam for 1:30 pm, so I relaxed and was well rested, which is just BestGREPrep what you want on a very long examination.

To sum it up, in my own opinion the section is testing complicated vocabulary and also the quantitative section is testing your own vulnerability to silly mistakes. I applied to get a Master's in economics and cared 2-3 times longer about each quantitative point, but I spent more time on the section.

All in all, you've crammed for 30 hours.

Outside of this response, simply read through several sources which will give you tips for a quality GRE cramming.

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