2 years ago (2016-07-31 18:19:21)

Lenovo Air 13 Pro Is a New Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Competitor

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Xiaomi's Mi Notebook Air announcement on Wednesday created quite a buzz because of the specifications it is offering at the price. Quite expectedly, fellow laptop-makers were not going to sit back and watch. Lenovo has now announced its Air 13 Pro laptop which features specifications that are quite similar to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. Lenovo's Air 13 Pro laptop comes with a 13.3-inch IPS display and packs an Intel i5-6200U processor inside. The laptop weighs 1.29kg compared with 1.28kg on Mi Notebook Air. The laptop has 256GB of SSD storage and has 4GB of RAM. Lenovo's laptop is 1.48cm thin and features powerful 2GB NVIDIA GT940MX graphics card.

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