2 years ago (2016-07-16 17:51:30)

iPhone 7 Spotted in Video; Apple A10 Chip Hits Geek bench -----

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Apple has been subjected to a host of leaks surrounding its upcoming iPhone 7, and the latest information is about its rumoured A10 chip. Additionally, there is also a video leak showing the back and the bottom of the smartphone. Beginning with the video, it was spotted first on Weibo (via Techtastic.nl), and gives a very clear look at all the changes on the iPhone 7. The antenna bands are seen shifted to the edges, and the protective camera ring surrounding the lens can be noticed clearly too. The bottom of the device shows two speaker grilles on both the sides of the Lightning port, and there is no sign of the 3.5mm audio jack. This pretty much confirms that the new audio input on the iPhone 7 will have to be either from the Lightning port, or through a wireless Bluetooth device.

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