How To Advertise Your Product In Newspaper?

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How To Advertise Your Product In Newspaper?

It seems so simple to advertise in a newspaper that people often fail to do. However, at the time of wanting to advertise your product or brand, there is the question: how to do newspaper advertising? That’s why today we brought you a simple step-by-step guide on how to make your newspaper ad and tips on how to do it in the best way for your business. 

Choose the newspaper

First of all, you must choose which newspaper you want to advertise. How to make? It depends on your product and company size. For example, if you launched a Translator ・ app you should focus on linguistic-related newspapers. First, know your target audience: Is it a product for the middle class, the lower class, or the upper class? From there, you choose the newspaper in circulation in your city with the desired profile. Popular newspapers with sensational stories that are very cheap may not be the best-selling, but they are the most read by the lower layers. Sometimes being in the most read newspaper is not your focus and the most lucrative business, it depends on who buys your product or uses your service. 

The choice of newspaper can be made through a search, linking to the marketing department and classifieds of each of them. You can order subscriptions for newspaper advertising, that is, how many people buy a newspaper from the magazine bank and how many sign up at home and see who sells the most. They will also tell you in which neighborhoods are best sellers. This helps in your choice of which newspaper deserves your ad. 

Choose the newspaper section in which to advertise

When the newspaper was chosen, it was time to choose the section. The sections of a newspaper are: sports, cities, politics, local, International, culture, among others. Names may vary from so-called editorials, but the themes are those. Which one does your product fit the most? It may simply be the classified part or a more specific section.

You should note that ads about beauty clinics and hairdressers only come out in culture section, as the themes have links. This happens, because generally those who are interested in these products and services read more the section in question. Just like supermarkets always advertise in city section. The rule is simple and very efficient; you just need to think about what section your product is connected to. See also how to do personal marketing. 

Call the newspaper and ask for quotation

You already know in which newspaper you want to publish your ad, in which section, now comes the moment of values. No need to buy right away, first just ask for a quote. Know that ad size and placement directly interfere with value. The standard sizes are: a quarter page, half a page, a whole page and two whole pages, the one in which you open the whole newspaper and it’s just an advertisement. 

The day of the week your ad will run will also influence your value. The Sunday newspaper is the most expensive, because it sells more, by the classified jobs, real estate and cars and is the largest newspaper, with more leaves. And almost everyone reads just the Sunday paper. 

Request a quote without commitment. They will send you the value and you can evaluate what will be more practical, inexpensive and also the most efficient for your newspaper advertising. 

Create an art

Chosen everything, the next step is to craft an art with cool ideas. Hire an advertising company if you do not have a department for this in your company. First it is better to know in which newspaper and section the ad will be published, for the company to elaborate a more elaborate advertisement for this, in order to reach a specific target audience.


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