Am I doing the right stuff at the gym?

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Four weeks ago I went on holidays and lost a little bit of weight so when I came home I cut out junk food and sugary drinks, I have a treat day now on Saturdays and get a takeaway then.

I noticed a massive difference in clothes being loose by just changing my diet so I joined the gym last week.

I started last Saturday and was told by a trainer at the gym to start with five mins on the bike at level 3, cross trainer at level 4, treadmill at 4.0 with no gradient and the rowing machine at level 5 and she said she would see me in two weeks to see how I'm getting on and that I should be up to ten mins on each by then.

Since then I've been twice and on the bike I can do 15 mins at level 3, cross trainer I can do 15 mins at level 4, treadmill I can do 15 mins at level 4.5 abd a gradient of 5.0% and the rowing machine I can do level 6 for 15 mins and I don't feel overly worked after this, I normally go straight to work and spend 7/8 hours on my feet after doing it and feel fine.

My main goal is to lose weight and tone up as I lose it, am I doing okay? I would ideally like to see results in a month or two and going at this rate will I?

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