How to Update and Upgrade your AVG Antivirus?

Published on 2020-07-06 16:56:32
4 min read

AVG antivirus is a well-known software program that offers good malware scanning tools. AVG has a good number of downloads as it provides good security features in its freeware plan. If you want to install freeware on your device then AVG can be the best plan for you. The premium plans of AVG antivirus have all the advanced security features which are required to keep the computer safe from dangerous threats. AVG plans are available for your Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. You can easily get a good AVG plan for any device according to its specifications. If you have multiple devices then you can also upgrade your plan to multi-license so you can use one AVG subscription on your multiple devices. AVG subscriptions ensure that your device is fully secured from all malware and other internet threats. 

Updating AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus provides regular updates to keep your AVG firmware robust. If provides the fix patch to prevent all the new viruses. Updating the antivirus is very necessary as the hackers can attack the outdated functions. AVG provides your automatic update which means when your device is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi connection and you get a new update then AVG will install the update automatically. But if your device is not always connected to a Wi-Fi connection then you have to update your AVG antivirus manually. You should regularly check for updates. Whenever you see a new update for your antivirus, install it immediately. 

Manually updating AVG Virus Definitions
  1. Close all the running programs
  2. Click on AVG icon from the desktop
  3. AVG antivirus dashboard will appear
  4. Click on the Refresh button
  5. Now go to Virus definition
  6. Click on basic protection
  7. Navigate to update

Wait until AVG checks for the new virus definition updates. If the new update is available, wait for completing the update, and then you will get an AVG up to date message on the screen. Your device may recommend restarting your PC for completing the update process. Click on the Restart Now button. Your device will restart automatically. 

Manually updating the AVG application version

  1. Close the running program on the device
  2. Now open your AVG dashboard
  3. Go to the Menu button
  4. Click on Settings
  5. Navigate to General tab
  6. Click on the left panel
  7. Hit the Update button
  8. Go to the application section
  9. Hit the Check for Updates option

Now, wait for checking the update status. If no new update is available then you will get an “Up to Date” message. If a new update is available then it will show you the Update option. Click on the update button and wait for completing the AVG updating process. Now restart your PC to immediate reboot. After the restart, open the AVG dashboard and scan your PC.

Managing Automatic update of AVG antivirus

When you enable the automatic update feature then your AVG updates will get downloaded and installed automatically regularly. After completing the AVG update process, you may get a restart prompt. 

  1. Close your running programs and open AVG antivirus dashboard 
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Hit the Settings button
  4. Click on the General tab
  5. Click on Left panel
  6. Hit the Update button
  7. Go to Virus definition section

Hit the More options button and choose the preferred option. If you choose automatic update then your AVG will get automatically updated when the new update arrives. If you choose to Ask when an update is available then AVG will send you a notification whenever a new update arrives. You can also set the update to Manual. If you choose to enable streaming updates then your antivirus will download all the micro-updates whenever any new malware is discovered. You should always keep your update to automatic so your device never goes out to date. 

Configuring Proxy Settings

If you had connected your device with a proxy server then you have to adjust the proxy settings for preventing downloading virus definition. Here are the steps for configuring proxy settings:

  1. Open your AVG user interface
  2. Click on Menu button
  3. Go to settings
  4. Hit the General tab
  5. Click on the left panel
  6. Tap the Update button

Navigate to the application section and hit the More options button and go to Do you want to use the proxy server for the application updates button. Check the box next to Use a specific proxy server and then provide the proxy details. 

Upgrading AVG antivirus plan

AVG antivirus offers you various security plans. If you are using a freeware of AVG antivirus and now you want to use premium tools of AVG antivirus then you can easily upgrade your AVG plan. Steps for upgrading your AVG antivirus:

  1. Open your AVG free antivirus
  2. Click on the Upgrade button
  3. You will be redirected to AVG website
  4. Choose the AVG plan 
  5. AVG sign-in page will appear
  6. Enter your detail to sign in AVG
  7. Now you will see a billing page

Enter the billing details and then wait for completing the process. Now you will get your AVG setup on your email. Download and install your AVG setup and then use the premium plans of AVG antivirus.