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Ayurvedic therapy is a medical treatment which involves a holistic approach to cure disease. Learn ayurvedic therapy courses from 'Aayur healthcare' center, one of the best ayurvedic training institute in Chennai.
Details and Timings: 

30 days of classes
1 hour per session

Advanced levelClasses are conducted from conducted from Mondays to Saturdays
Classes starting from 6 a.m to 8 p.m
Cost effective training

About the Academy:Aayur healthcare institute is one of the renowned healthcare solutions in Chennai. We offer holistic medical approach to develop good health. Our academy aims to prevent disease than curing it. We have different and specialized treatment for specific health disorders. We have trained medical practitioners to teach you best diet and nutrition activities. We have treatments for balancing body weight, cure ailments, physical and mental disorders, etc.
About the Class:Ayurvedic treatment is the process of promoting good health through the oneness of body, mind and soul. It involves yoga, meditation, natural treatments to get an easy and fast cure. Ayurvedic treatment follows the historical method of treatment followed by our ancestors. It removes stress and keeps your body balanced.

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