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The key to becoming an excellent student is by learning how to study smarter than studying harder. As a Parent, You are your child’s foremost teacher who plays a vital role in achieving success in school.  Parents and family member’s involvement make their kid do better in school. Most of the successful students achieve their success through applying effective learning habits. Here some of the effective study habits organized in one of the reputed best play school in Chennai that could help your child to achieve in school.

Meet your child’s Teachers

Once the school year starts, meet your child’s teachers to find a way of developing your kid's knowledge towards success in school. Let the teachers know your child’s capability and bring effective steps to foster her/his in academics. Make it clear that your kid’s teacher contacts you if your kid is facing any problem and assist your kid in developing the school in school.

Attend Parent – Teacher Conferences

Attending parent – teacher conferences is also another way to stay in contact with the teacher for knowing frequents updates from school. These conferences are organized twice in a year to know the status of your kid’s grade in school. This will help to foster your kid’s grade in schools and will let you get some ideas on choosing the techniques to develop your kid in achieving success.

Plan your Study Time

Make sure that your kid sticks to the time all the day and put the efforts in achieving success in schools.  Most of the successful students plan their study time and schedule the works to be done very effectively.  Students who have successfully carried a routine will attain their success in school and as well as in life. Make a study set and maintain it consistently to foster your daily study routine. On following these tips will foster the study skills of your kid and lead to achieve success in school as well as in life!!!


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