Max Polyakov (Maxim Polyakov) Describes Modern Approaches to the Creation of New IT Solutions

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Max Polyakov (Maxym Polyakov), PhD in international Economy, has recently shared his views on the new methodologies of creating IT products. Innovations in information technologies should walk hand in hand with social and economic factors that influence the world economy, according to Max Polyakov.

Modern innovation, including the informatization of the world economy, requires creating a clear system of concepts and notions that will reflect an overall picture of influence of social and economic factors on the world economy, according 


Numerous scientists have studied the dependence of long cycles of world politics on Kondratiev cycles and technological processes. Max Polyakov, in his thesis work, shares a modern approach that distinguishes 6 technological waves, formed in different time periods. The recent wave, represented in most developed countries, is based on the valuable achievements in microelectronics, biotechnologies, and information technologies, as well as new materials and sources of energy. Furthermore, Maxim Polyakov believes that the next technological wave is likely to bring plenty of new solutions to molecular biology, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and high-speed transportation systems. As a supplementation to this text you can read what Max Polyakov tells about new EOS Platform.

What does Max Polyakov say are the peculiarities of modern innovation processes?

- Creating innovative solutions of an entirely new type, where signs and messages will become the key elements
- Innovations are focused mostly on the innovation’s subjects (investors, venture capitals, scientists, developers and distributors of new products)
- Creating new specific forms of intellectual support of the innovations that differ from the classical ones, including system-wide modeling and methodological approach
- High risks, where the most global and promising innovations that require high volumes of intellectual and financial support, remain untapped

To Maxim Polyakov, co-founder of Association Noosphere, one of the most important features of innovations is their dynamism, where manufacturers start using new ideas, solutions, services and materials in the shortest periods after they had been discovered.

Most modern approaches to innovation concepts are focused on its commercial usage. However, Max Polyakov (Max Polyakov) warns that the conformity of science to the needs and goals of business poses a threat to the basics of innovation development. Moreover, the harmonization of technological and socio-economic components of social development might not necessarily have a positive impact. They may also be destructive, causing crises and revolutions. We can’t avoid implementing innovations, but can choose the correct strategy for development.

Therefore, it is important to find new strategies of the development of innovations, where practice will become a source of both profits and new scientific ideas.
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